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Dormar February 24, 2020 02:41

Just bragging about my first win.
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I've been playing Sil here and there for a couple of years, but never thought I would win Sil or any Roguelike. Of course, most people would never understand or care, so I just thought I would brag here for a second!

Sil is a tight game, really well done, challenging but fair, and I love all the lore in it. My wife is reading the Silmarillion right now, and it was fun to be able to recall or look up all the creatures, bosses, and artifacts. Tolkien even had a prince of cats, Tevildo, in his early writings, who knew?

It was a real thrill to face Morgoth and win the first time I met him! I was just hoping to get some intel on this run because I was sure I would die. I got to 950 and finally convinced myself to be extremely cautious. I managed to stockpile a good number of constitution / health items, a staff of revelations, a staff of foes, and a staff of freedom. After doing some research on these forums, I thought I'd try to put Morgoth to sleep with a staff, but it was stolen or destroyed without me realizing it. So being lucky enough to map the place and the foes, I noticed the relatively undefended side path. I slipped around, playing song of silence and being rather stealthy, until the watcher sounded the alarm. Then ol' Morgoth showed up, but luckily nobody else really came. I stood there, firing arrows at him like a dope from point blank range, burning through all but one of my healing potions with no luck. Then I realized I wasn't even using the heavy armor or piercing arrows I'd been saving. I was able to pull those out and eventually knock the crown off on my last health potion. Only I couldn't see it through all the rubble the crazy dark lord was creating. But I found it, pried off the jewel with the Glaive of Gurin on my first attempt, and slipped out, sprinting the heck out of there at top speed and waving a staff of freedom around. It was a great time. Stealth plus archery plus Rauko-Bane was finally the combo that did it for me. Exchange and sprint got me out of so many tough spots that I consider them essential. This last run was the only time I ever took bane, and it was great to go from running from all rauko to having such a high bonus that I would pick off every one I saw just for fun.

So thanks to any random people who happened to read my noob ramblings. This game was a good escape as I muddled my way through a computer science degree over the past few years, to be completed this May. Sometimes things that seem impossible can be achieved. Does anyone have a suggestion for a next Roguelike after Sil? I've played some Angband before, but it seems far more difficult to actually beat than Sil. I am assuming people actually beat Angband without cheating, but they must be true masters. Cheers, and take care all ye noble Sil players!

protopulse March 2, 2020 04:14

Congratulations! I remember how hard my heart was pounding during my first win a few years back. I had a friend give pointers else I don't think I would have made it. I didn't have a _revelations and didn't know about the secret corridor. And I was an archer too, so it would have been disastrous if I fought in the open.

As for next roguelike...I haven't really found anything that gave me the satisfaction that Sil does. I have had fun with tome, DCCS, Unreal World, CDDA, and Brogue, or even roguelites like Dead Cells, Faster than Light, or Slay the Spire, but they're all quite different from Sil.

DavidMedley March 12, 2020 21:21

Great run, great description!

archolewa March 16, 2020 01:36

Funny, your thoughts on Sil vs Angband are the exact opposite of mine
Ive beaten Angband a few times, and I think the farthest Ive gotten in Sil was 450 ft. Usually I die around 250 to 300 ft. That being said, I remember feeling the same way the first time I beat Angband. Winning a Roguelike for the first time is just such an incresible feeling.

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