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EpicMan June 4, 2020 04:13


Originally Posted by TauzentBlitz (Post 145998)
Monster races all seem to be unskilled capped in all weapons.

Fixed. Function to set these was never getting called if you were a monster.

EpicMan June 4, 2020 04:35

Version 0.3.6 released.
Bugfix release
Various quest errors (Sideways & Roch)
monster proficiencies were not getting set (TauzentBlitz)

You can get the source or precompiled binary from here:

invisibletroll July 14, 2020 03:00

These issues affect Oposband too.

archolewa August 8, 2020 04:40

Rage-mages don't seem to be capable of learning their spells. Tried playing a Lucky Barbarian Rage-Mage, and attempting to learn a technique from the starting book gets me "You cannot learn any new techniques!"

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