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Shockbolt November 2, 2011 13:58

NPPAngband - 64x64 graphics
The long intro text can be read here:

The short intro text is as follows: Assuming NPPAngband is a non-profit game, the following tiles posted in here can be used freely within NPPAngband and other Angband variants as long as they continue to stay non-profit versions.

The tiles painted for NPPAngband is likely to be added into the tilesheet being constructed for Angband V these days.

Should NPPAngband want to go commercial, a non-exclusive license will have to be acquired in order to continue using the tiles. I'm not doing this to be an ass, I do it simply because I think it is "unfair" to have my tileset used for free if you aim to make money from your game. :)

Shockbolt November 2, 2011 14:04

To-do-list for NPPangband:


2 new classes

About 75-80 different monsters, mostly dragons, hydras and ainur and player ghost templates.

A couple more flavors of wands/potions/amulets/rods.

The main thing is the terrain. NPP has about 200 different types of terrain, including new types of traps, runes, and temporary spell effects (many of which you have already drawn tiles for use when spellcasting). So that's about 130-140 tiles, since you have already drawn the standard ~65 that Angband already has.

2-3 different spell powers not found in Angband that can be cast as spells.
@nppangband : could you provide a list in a post here that has names/descriptions for the above, other than the terrains?

nppangband November 2, 2011 16:58

Absolutely! And I can confirm that NPPAngband will always remain open-source and free, and I shall never attempt make money or collect revenue from NPPAngband, or otherwise attempt to profit/collect money based on your artwork.

I can start providing lists by category, but here are the two NPP classes to get started. I can probably get a complete list of monsters out to you today or tomorrow.

Brigand - basically a rogue with no spellcasting abilities and better fighting abilities. The detailed description from the help files is below:

A Brigand is a thief, who simply wants to plunder the pits of Angband to steal its greatest treasures. He is close behind the warrior in melee. He is a master of traps and locks, no device being impossible for him to overcome, and has the highest stealth of all classes, which can frequently let him choose his fights. His dungeon survival skills are better than average, and he has a fast, detailed pseudo-ID. The 'P' command allows a brigand can attempt to steal from monsters, and the 'O' command can set traps for unsuspecting monsters. As the brigand gains levels, he can create an increasing variety of traps by using the 'O' command on an existing monster trap. He is exceptionally gifted with a sling, and gets an extra shot with a sling when he reaches level 26.*****

Druid: A druid is the third spellcasting class in NPPAngband. Their magic attacks are based on elemental attacks (fire, cold, etc), as well as healing spells as good as the priest ones. Here is their detailed description from the helpfiles:

A Druid is a master of all things natural. He cannot hope to simply hack his way through the dungeon, and so must therefore call upon the powerof nature for attack and defense. A druid is not really complete without an assortment of magical devices to use in addition to his spells. He can master the higher level magical devices easily, and has a very good saving throw to resist effects of spells cast at him. Intelligence and Wisdom are his primary stats. He is the weakest fighter of all the classes, and spells are his true realm.

nppangband November 3, 2011 01:00

I came up with a list of NPP monsters. There are about 85 of them, but most of them are extremely repetitive (40+ are servants of the Valar). Another 11 of them are player ghost templates of current monsters.

I added about 10 creatures that I will add in the next couple months. Mostly mimics of weapons and armor. (That's optional, but I think Angband is going to add many of these mimics in the near future as well.

The link to the file with the names and descriptions is here: monster types.docx

Its a word 97 doc, but it has the monsters & descriptions in a table to make it easier to read. Please let me know if you prefer another file format.

I appreciate this so much. I am honored that you are even considering doing this.

Shockbolt November 3, 2011 08:32

Player tiles, kobold druid/brigand, female/male:

Shockbolt November 3, 2011 10:15

Dunadan player tiles, Druid/Brigand, female/male versions:

Shockbolt November 3, 2011 12:03

Dwarf player tiles, Druid/Brigand, female/male versions:

Shockbolt November 3, 2011 14:46

Elf player tiles, Druid/Brigand , female/male versions:

Shockbolt November 3, 2011 15:52

Gnome player tiles, Druid/Brigand, female/male versions:

Derakon November 3, 2011 15:53

Oh, I get it. All the brigands are wearing brigandine. Clever. ;)

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