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DarkGod May 20, 2010 20:58

T-Engine 4 & ToME4 beta 2 are upon us!
As promised, here comes T-Engine4 & ToME4 beta 2!
Check out and

This releases fixes many little bugs, and some major ones, re-balances
some things here and there, improves the interface and CPU usage.

It also come with a very dirty example module which is much much smaller
than ToME that people can use as a base for their own modules.

The current endgame moved a bit with the addition of Moria but not much
further, in the next few betas I will implement a good part of the missing
zones for levels 20-50.

And this time, OSX binaries are available!

List of changes in no particular order:

* try to stop passage of time after death
* menu for sound & music disabling
* allow window to dynamic resize
* do not destroy objects when not able to equip them
* A* algorithm (engine.Astar)
* game pauses when it looses focus, no CPU used when paused
* modules can return true from their tick() to pause the ticking until the next SDL event, reducing CPU usage draastically
* mouse-right-click will now make the player either:
* - run to the clicked spot if a path can be found
* - run in the direct if no path is found
* - move one turn in the direction if hostiles are present or if the clicked spot is adjacent
* MiniMap ! default keybind: TAB
* move lua lane keeper to a lua file, to avoid 64bits problems
* all coroutine.resume calls no do good stacktrace
* Mac OSX support
* PlayerDisplay does not run every frame, better displaying performance
* fixed crash with no music found
* template example module
* bows & slings improve firing range
* fixed Berserk (wont loose attack)
* stats on levelup are bound without considering items
* keybinds used in Birther
* traps are correctly detected by the Sense spell
* new world map special encounter
* arcane combat is now sustained
* black mamba & anacondas are rarer and higher level
* adjust stats&life by rank
* Shadowblades now have "Shadow magic"
* nobody regens mana but mages
* id from inventory screen now updates correctly
* do not waste cooldown & ressource when canceling archery
* talents dont activate with the mouse by just draging over, requires a mouse up
* identify now works on equipment too
* black bear is greyer
* fixed all npcs to use auto_req for their stuff
* added moria and a reason to go there, the end is quite loose at this point
* Ukruk now has Rush
* Stone Wall actually works now
* added a_lomos_del_dragon_blanco music
* fixed chain lightning
* new display modes: ascii with color background
* slings are made of leather
* gradient lightning
* all players now start with 2 potions of cure poison
* reduced the size of the last level of elven ruins

Have fun!

ekolis May 21, 2010 00:40

Aw, man, I was all excited... then I start up the game and the dialogs come up as big white rectangles and don't take any input - and when I try to close the window, I get prompted about saving, but the saving never finishes! :(

I'm running Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, if that helps any...

edit: ah! it only happens after I maximize the window... hmmm :)

edit 2: or resize it...

DarkGod May 21, 2010 12:11

Yes something is fishy in the GL code, the hunt is still on.

In the meanwhile dont change the resolution, or if you want to, then run a game, switch the resoltuion with the menu and restart. It will be saved and it should work

ekolis May 21, 2010 14:42

Is there any way for me to disable the resizability of the window, so I don't do it accidentally?

edit: perhaps this means something to you - it keeps appearing in stdout.txt:

copy_surface_to_texture : glTexSubImage2D : invalid value

DarkGod May 21, 2010 15:14

no :/

Ah this could be clue! thanks!

Arendil May 21, 2010 20:15

There are some impressive changes, but the game crashes frequently, for no apparent reason...

Bandobras May 22, 2010 00:28

Hi Dark One!

I've compiled the game on powerpc linux (Ubuntu) and it works great. A couple of complaints, though: when I descended the stairs from DL1 to DL2 and then back again after 100 turns, I got the same dungeon, but fresh treasure on the floor (there were 3 objects in that room before, which I grabbed, now 2 new and different ones. Another one: in all graphic modes, ASCII and incons, 16 and 32 pixels, the fonts are inside big blank fields, it looks as if there is twice too much space for the fonts. Only so for the map, messages are OK. Last one: some talents are scaled up badly. One. probably Precise Strike, adds +5 to hit and some other stat for 10% attack slowdown, but only +6 to the stats for 20% slowdown, when another point is invested. Or something like this. I'm OK with diminishing returns, but the drawbacks should diminish proportionately. Otherwise, investing the extra points is actually harmful.

Thanks for the fun and I hope to steal the C part of your code some day and script games in Haskell (or something).

Taw May 22, 2010 01:22

Crashes on startup. I found this in stderr: "PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (Unable to initialize: attempt to call a string value)"

DarkGod May 22, 2010 13:42

Taw: what beta ? on what platform ? binaries or compiled?

Bandobras: Talents usualy improve with stats too, if you improve yoru stats they'll up the good effect without lowering the bad one.
And yes levels are persistents but objects and monsters "decay" and are replaced ovetr time

Bandobras May 22, 2010 20:35


Originally Posted by DarkGod (Post 33907)
Bandobras: Talents usualy improve with stats too, if you improve yoru stats they'll up the good effect without lowering the bad one.

OK, that's better. Then I just have to wait with improving some talents.


Originally Posted by DarkGod (Post 33907)
And yes levels are persistents but objects and monsters "decay" and are replaced ovetr time

That's good news --- I've run away from some multiplying worms on level 2 (their rate of multiplication is deadly for a tank character that in V would kill 1 each turn and here kills 1 every few turns), so I hope they'll decay until I come back. However, the decay rate seems too fast, it was really below 100 turns and I got totally new objects and monster in the room with stairs. Hmmm, I wonder, will vaults regenerate too? If so there's no reason to ever descend once you find a vault...

edit: some more: I've found a corridor at the edge of the map (bottom) without any wall between the corridor and the outside void; trying to enter the void costs me a movement point.

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