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Ingwe Ingweron August 17, 2018 17:23

What is "Eog"?
I have a dumb question, after all these years playing Angband, what is an "Eog" golem? electroculography? enron oil and gas? I have no idea!

Derakon August 17, 2018 17:32

It's apparently from the Rolemaster RPG system.

"Eog (“True Iron”) Eog is undoubtedly among the rarest of metals. Requiring both hot and cold forging,
the finished metal is incredibly hard, tougher than Dwarven adarcer, and even stronger than ithilnaur.
It also has a strange appearance. Both white and red varieties commonly exist; neither has any lustre.
Eog also has other properties as a damper against certain enchantments, preventing the manipulation
of the Essence within a certain radius depending on the nature of the spell caster. The color is the key
to this, and it can be made black, white, red, blue, or grey."

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