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SethaWetha February 13, 2021 20:19

[Frog] Any tips for fighting the Resurrection Machine?
Last time I fought it I got dispelled and died in one turn after getting it down to about half HP. I'm playing as a Sorcerer so I have damn near every spell at my disposal.
This is my current character I'm gonna go at it with. I will probably look around for the Staff of Gandalf and maybe a little bit better equipment before continuing; last time I went at it I had 1000-1100 SP.

ster February 14, 2021 04:51

Wraithform (and/or polymorph demonlord if you're scared of psychospears), globe of invulnerability, shoot with hellfire or manastorm until something nasty gets resurrected, dimension door out. Get the g stuck on a wall then use destruction on all dangerous uniques and rest for mana; repeat 40+ times till you win.

g doesn't regenerate, its AI tends to get stuck trying to path through permawalls it can't dig through and not everything it summons can dispel or pierce invulnerability. You can take the fight slowly and it goes fine despite probably taking over an hour, though once g runs out of uniques it will begin to summon star blades exclusively which can be very bad if you didn't park Metatron somewhere else on the level. Also, needless to say but you should try and approach it so that it has to approach you before shooting, not just dimension dooring into its LoS so it can summon on you.

Your dump has really awful resistances for whatever reason; I'd recommend getting 1 pip of everything Demonlord gives you and 2 pips of shards and sound just for safety.

Finally, if you just want to bullshit your way through the fight without caring, use Trump Monsters to summon and capture ball a metal babble or spellwarp automaton. These are completely invulnerable to every monster attack except earthquakes and will kill g for you while you wait in a corner somewhere.

SethaWetha February 14, 2021 05:12

I constantly have Wraithform, Poly Demon-Lord, and Ultimate Resist active. Transcendence too if my SP is >1000. Never was really a fan of Globe of Invulnerability.

My resistances are god awful. Not because I chose to obviously, but because I really didn't find much good equipment to cover them. By the time I was actually find good equipment I was already CL50 (due to Snotling XP) and had access to Ultimate Resistance. With both Ultimate Resist and Demon-Lord I have surprising good resists (although just one pip of sound/shards)

Oh my god. Spellwarp Automaton sounds like an incredible (incredibly cheap) way to win the fight.

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