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MarthaSipe August 22, 2017 09:04

There are some good tips above. So you could try these out and I hope you'll be successful. Morgoth is maybe the hardest opponent you have to fight with. I didn't kill him yet. But I'll try those advises you wrote. Thanks

bron August 23, 2017 00:05

I can't speak to the characters that kill Morgoth using lots of criticals (e.g. xorzac). That route seems to be the most effective one. However, I can speak to the "brute force" method, which I like to use.The general idea is to get the damage numbers up as high as possible, use Song of Slaying to get big bonuses in the Throne Room, and use Quickness and Rapid Attack to do enough damage, fast enough, to overcome Morgoth's healing.

Here is the recipe I use; modify as appropriate to your playstyle:
A 3 strength starting character.
A 4d5 Great Axe (4d6 is even better, if you can find one)
Gloves of Strength.
Two rings of Strength and/or (preferably) Damage.
From Melee take: Power, Strength, and Rapid Attack.
From Song take: Slaying, Sharpness
Plenty of Healing and Miruvor

Walk into the upper part of the main throne room. I prefer to stand 2 squares down from the center wall between the two upper doors. If you have an extra light, drop it on the floor underneath you, in case there are lots of Dark monsters. Now, wield the Axe and buf up: sing Slaying; quaff two Grace, Con, Dex, Str; 3 Quickness; 3 Rage. More if you have a lot. Now hit something. You don't really want to move off the extra light you're standing on, so shoot an arrow. You will immediately be mobbed by every monster in sight. But most of them will prove to just be grist for the mill: dozens will die and the Slaying bonus should shoot up into the 20's. The trick is to be standing at the proper distance so that you kill all the other monsters, and your Slaying bonus peaks, just as Morgoth gets next to you. When Morgoth is the only adjacent opponent, Rapid Attack kicks in, and you should usually deal two blows each round, for 20-30 damage each, which is faster than Morgoth heals.

If you find a good Sharp weapon (e.g.Saithnar) this fight will be a *lot* easier and faster

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