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MITZE June 15, 2017 20:34

Couple of questions:
Would it be possible to get whatever version of PosCheng that elliptic uses on the server? It supposedly has some pretty nice quality of life improvements.

Would it be possible to somehow set things up so that people could use their own altered edit files? (I'm guessing that this one would probably be more trouble than it's worth, as the simplest solution would be to have a different "installation" of each variant for every user.)

Gwarl June 15, 2017 21:53

Actually the edit files thing is something I'm planning on and something angband would cater to, but it will be a little while. I want a system where everyone can have their own version of the datafiles, and anyone can play anyone else's version.

This is really all just a long con to get people to play my variant when I make it by sticking it on the list :)

edit: Actually, once I script access to the user directory, I know that V at least will preferentially load .txt datafiles from /user first, and then from /gamedata (formerly known as /edit) so you'll be able to mod your own version as soon as I get round to that.

Ironshod Al June 16, 2017 04:20

Yesterday, I lost access to Vapor Quest. It is something that seems to happen to others as well.
Here's what little info I have:
The crash mentioned resulted in a crash message from the game. The earliest indication of anything being wrong was that the innkeeper quest menu only showed the quest title, but no quest description.

And here's some related posts from the PCB 6.1.0 release thread:

This question from murphy is the reason I post here. You are probably more suited to answer that question.

Originally Posted by murphy
there was some discussion in the forums about the problem with quests, it has to do with not finding the quest files at run time. did you compile poschengband yourself?

I have completed Thieves' Hideout, The Orc Camp, The Warg Problem and Doom Quest I, so not all quests generate problems.

wobbly June 16, 2017 16:12

I got the same bug (on server). Of note both vapor quest & sand pit descriptions were blank. On recieving quest & in the Ctrl-Q menu

Gwarl June 16, 2017 20:02

I dismissed this as a bug with the game at first, but I looked into it and I think it's a bug with the installation process. It might be fixed. I might have to start a new character to find out.

I've made some more room on the screen (10 extra rows). Working on fixing width now. Then I'll add a settings panel for making your own adjustments.

MITZE June 16, 2017 20:55

Something Happened
Server's . . . well, not quite borked, but it doesn't look like it should. No, I'm not talking about the extra space; I was in the middle of a test character, trying to see if the Vapor Quest was indeed fixed, and then the server stopped responding. I thought it had crashed, but then I refreshed and I noticed it looked . . .weird.

EDIT: It's down completely now; are you poking at the code again Gwarl?

Gwarl June 16, 2017 20:56

Give me a minute..

Gwarl June 16, 2017 21:08


Originally Posted by Gwarl (Post 121826)
Give me a minute..

Done. Better?

MITZE June 16, 2017 21:10


Originally Posted by Gwarl (Post 121827)
Done. Better?

Oooooh, looks nice now. Thanks!

EDIT: For the benefit of whoever's keeping tabs, Vapor Quest is still bugged on the server.

Gwarl June 17, 2017 17:04


The size of various things on the screen should now adapt to the size of your browser (when you loaded the page). For most sensible cases this should work, let me know if anyone is still having trouble seeing their hp etc.

Poschengband has shiftrunning! This was eventually done the same way as for V, i.e. turn numlock on to walk around (as before), but holding shift or turning numlock off will induce running instead.

This wasn't a good enough fix to deal with the mogaminator, but I have come up with a solution:

Before using the mogaminator, go to the macro editor and load "cursor.prf". Then once you're done, open the macro editor again and load "pref-gcu.prf".

You could probably write macros to accomplish this faster too. If anyone does I'll copy them over to defaults.

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