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Ingwe Ingweron September 30, 2019 16:25

Okay that's just wrong. I went away for a bit, the game disconnected, and now it has me right back at the very beginning of the Morgoth fight!? I've already won and posted the file to the ladder! Was trying to compose a blow by blow compubox numbers account of the final battle and the whole thing is lost?

MITZE October 27, 2019 19:25

Webserver Crash
'nother crash.

The following people who spoke up would like their progress back:

* BostocksUgar, playing Frog chocolate.
* MITZE, playing Hellband v0.8.7.
* sttdbofs, playing Frog nightly.

The following people do not want their progress back:

* Marty, playing Frog nightly.
* Nemo, playing Angband v4.1.3.

There may be others, everyone listed is all who spoke up when asked.

MITZE November 2, 2019 03:48

Webserver Crash
'nother crash.

The following people would like their progress restored:

BostocksAlt, FrogComposband vChocolate
Caldvael, Angband v4.2.0
colbalt, FrogComposband vNightly
malcontent, Angband v4.2.0
MITZE, Steamband v0.4.1f

The following people do not need progress restored:

Aav, Steamband v0.4.1f
spqr, FrogComposband vChocolate

wobbly November 12, 2019 18:57

So it turns out I have the power to crash the server at will by copying angband source code & posting it in chat.

wobbly December 9, 2019 07:07

got a weird V/ thing going on. My internet dropped out on recall "You are yanked upwards. Hit space"

On loading the save, I'm still in the dungeon. I'm no longer recalling & my light is not working because, well at a guess, because it's daytime in town.

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