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Daven_26d1 October 30, 2007 13:40

Its 4am - what are you drinking?
Okay, its 4am. Ish. You've been playing your favourite *band since teatime and you know from the ASCII behind your eyes that its time to sleep.

Problem is, you just got down to a fun depth, and if you get into bed now, you'll just lay awake, mind in overdrive thinking about that sweet vault you cracked 2 floors ago and how much you like your new sword, even though your body has just about given up.

One more dive, you think - hardly believing it yourself; lets face it - sometime around 5am, you'll be banging your head on the desk, because you just made the fatigued keystrokes that beat out the dull rhythm of the inexorable dance to character death.

But still, its only 4am, and you'll likely be heading to the kitchen at some point during the next hour, to "review your options, whilst taking refreshment."

First question is, what are you drinking at this point? Or eating, or whatever...

For me its usually stomach-crampingly strong black tea with brown sugar, black because I finished of the miilk at 2am, brown sugar to ease the cramps, and the fatigue sickness, and it ends up strong because in this zombie state I usually forget I started making a cup partway through and leave the tea bag in.

Second question is, why didn't you just go to bed?

For me, the answer is simple: I've had too many cups of black tea... :)

Atriel October 30, 2007 14:06

Really cool, poetic post, will save it... :)

"review your options, whilst taking refreshment." <-= both for real life and ang character life lol

>First question is, what are you drinking at this point? Or eating, or whatever...

For me its usually light coke, 2 liter packages... When i have to sleep i drink Fanta (no caffeine and C vitamin as bonus!)... By 4 am there are already like 5 half-full bottles of coke open by the side of the computer, and i go pick another at the freezer due to forgetting one is there already or they´re too hot. From time to time i put all the bottles in the freezer to cool. No gas is ok, warm is not... Then i wake up at 8 and drink some more coke, and go to work in a state mix between a jumpy horny rabbit and a paranoic irritated cat. When i do not have to work, my life is healty (cuz then i sleep, exercize, etc etc lol)

>Second question is, why didn't you just go to bed?

Light Coke has lots of caffeine too!

Magnate October 31, 2007 09:15

For me it's usually strong dark brown tea, even darker than usual because I'm trying to make the milk last ...

I eat fruit if there's any left (bananas, apples, kiwis - nothing you have to waste time peeling or preparing (yes, I eat kiwis whole, the skin is really tangy)), but usually there isn't so it's just bread (again, wasting no time toasting or buttering it)).

It's usually sleep that saves me from death though. If I eat, drink and wake up, the char will probably die. If I stagger up to bed, he lives to die another day.

But that has to be balanced against the immersion thing. When I come back to a char I've not played for a while, I almost always die because I've forgotten what that particular char's necessary style was. So playing on is often better, especially if I won't have a chance to play again for a few days.


pav October 31, 2007 14:17

I drink a lot of black tea, no sugar, no milk (as is custom in my whereabouts).

But if I know I will have to last all night, I usually stock myself with Mountain Dew. That works wonders.

AR_chie October 31, 2007 15:16

at so early morning I prefer black coffe with no sugar no milk - it makes my heart beat a little stronger;)

Daven_26d1 October 31, 2007 21:09

I have to admit to a bit of a Red Bull habit, but this is more of a wake-up thing than a stay up thing.

Usually, its for when I get out of bed early, so that I can play some roguelike or other for a couple of hours before someone disturbs me.

Frumple November 3, 2007 07:30

*hums* Generally, these days? Water, but just 'cause I'm trying to lessen my caffeine intake... and I've spent multiple years on three hours minus of sleep a night (Though trying to lessen that intake, too, heh), so if I want to stay up, I stay up. But when I want to stay conscious? Well, there's a few things... as far as carbonated drinks go, it's Mountain Dew (Horrible, yes, but smooth going down and cheap.) or Barqs. I do drink tea, though it's a cheap kind, and not often... usually a honey/lemon/ginseng mix, sold off the shelf. It does alright.

Now, if I don't want to sleep for the next day... or three? Well, I'll share a little secret, in the fine art of horribly violating the ancient wonder that is hot tea: You know that Mountain Dew and Barqs (Any carbonated soda, really...)? I gots news... it can be boiled. What's more, you can use it in place of water, for that mentioned tea. What's yet more... It. Tastes. Wonderful. If you have a sweet tooth.

I've thus far tried it with three variations, the Hon/Lem/Gin with Mountain Dew (Tastes like molten grape juice.) and that dark M. Dew (Black Lightning?) they sold a while back (Molten. SUGAR. And yet wonderful. My 50ish year old english teacher liked it.), and a Pomegranite/Goiji Berry blend with boiled Barqs, which was really nice, if a bit more bitterish sweet than I prefer.

HallucinationMushroom November 3, 2007 07:43

If I'm drinking anything at 4am it's liquor.

EricCamp November 6, 2007 16:53

Coffee w/ sugar, cream, and chocolate powder.

Big Al November 6, 2007 19:59


Originally Posted by HallucinationMushroom (Post 3653)
If I'm drinking anything at 4am it's liquor.

This is very true.

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