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Khuzdul June 2, 2018 03:12

Traps in the new patch
Hey all,
I haven't played in a *really* long time, but felt a little nostalgic so I picked up the new patch, and started a fresh dunadan paladin, only to find the prayer of find traps, doors and stairs has been removed. So I looked into it more and found out the whole deal with traps playing a bigger part now, but I was wondering what the ways of countering them are. I haven't got that deep into the prayer books yet, but I was thinking sense surroundings in book 3 might do something. Otherwise, would there be something in Godly Insights? Even outside of detecting traps, not being able to find stairs makes it quite hard to dive now with paladins/priests. :/
Any help would be awesome.

luneya June 3, 2018 22:06

You're supposed to find traps just by walking up to them; the chances of that working are much better now than they used to be, and the consequences of failure aren't quite as bad. But yes, the full detection spell from Godly Insights does still include dTrap.

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