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AnonymousHero March 23, 2019 08:56

Information on the re-licensing of Angband
(Not sure if the correct forum, but I figured that the developers might know the most about this, so... Mods: Feel free to move if more appropriate elsewhere.)


Is there any detailed information about re-licensing[0] Angband to GPLv2 out there? I'm thinking primarily of e.g. a list of which people were contacted, who agreed to the re-licensing, etc. I also seem to recall that some code had to be ripped out and it'd be great to have a little more info on that. Obviously, the prior contributors might not want for that information to be public, so feel free to PM.

I'm tentatively(!) considering a similar effort for ToME 2.3.5 and since there's quite a bit of shared ancestry with the Angband source I would be a huge help to be able just "short-circuit" the process for all the code which comes from Angband originally. Btw, was the re-licensing question asked for a specific version of Angband or just all previous versions of $CONTRIBUTOR's code?

For all the other code, I'm thinking of doing something similar to OpenSSL's relicensing effort, i.e. try to contact everyone where I can find an email address (in credits.txt, for example) and otherwise just announce the intent-to-relicense as widely as possible and give interested parties a chance to object within some reasonable time frame, say, 2-3 years or similar. It's by no means perfect, but without the CVS repository that's probably the best that can be done.

Related to finding contributors: I suppose there isn't someone out there who happens to have a copy of the original CVS...? It would be *really* helpful in assessing contributors, etc.

(Aside: I did contact DarkGod once upon a time, and he seemed fine with relicensing his bits of ToME 2.3.x, so there should be no problem there, at least. I'm guessing most of the major contributors will probably be fine with it as well.)

Any advice information or advice on the process would be greatly appreciated.

[0] Well, technically dual-licensing under the old license and GPLv2.

takkaria March 23, 2019 10:10

Here is the info I wrote up at the time:

AnonymousHero March 23, 2019 10:41


Originally Posted by takkaria (Post 136929)
Here is the info I wrote up at the time:

Fantastic, thank you! :)

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