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calris April 2, 2016 09:14

Repeatable Crash
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Hi Nick,

I've found a repeatable crash (assert failure) in the attached save file (my game is compiled from the latest git head)

Simply kill the Master rogue (a couple of fire bolts should do it) and you'll get:

angband: obj-ignore.c:626: ignore_known_item_ok: Assertion `base_obj' failed.

If you turn off ignore items, you'll get a seg fault instead

(Hmmm - I'm actually now getting a seg fault with no assert - not sure what the go is.)

Oh, and I think he's carrying a copy of Resistances of Scarabtarices which I would have liked :(

I ended up teleporting him away, cleaning up, and leaving the level

calris April 3, 2016 10:38

I'm doing a little digging into this - There is a crash due to referencing memory that has been freed by drop_near() - i.e. there was not enough room to drop the object.

BUT - I have birth_stacking ON, so any overflow should simply have been added to a pile of objects.

And really, why do we bother with 'don't stack' - compared to the other 'difficulty' options, this doesn't really seem to make a lot of difference to gameplay

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