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Derakon July 13, 2020 16:13

Hello again, and farewell
Some of you may have noticed that I dropped off the face of the forums for a bit there. Nick certainly did, and reached out; thanks, Nick! I'm OK. I haven't gotten COVID-19 (or if I somehow did despite precautions, I was asymptomatic), and indeed nothing new is wrong with me. I mean, aside from being stressed by living in a dysfunctional country during a pandemic.

The truth is that I've been gradually losing touch with Angband for a few years now. I haven't been playing, which makes it harder to connect with the conversations here. That's no slight on the game, just a reflection of my changing priorities. Indeed, most of my energy especially lately has been going into working on my own game; I haven't been playing much of anything.

All that is to say, at least for the time being, you should not expect to see me around much. I won't say goodbye forever; who knows what the future will bring? But if you need to contact me, I have a predictable email address, or you can find me on Twitter or Twitch.

Thank you to everyone who makes up this community! You should be proud of what you've made here. I have faith that the game is in good hands and is not going to fade into irrelevance.

Estie July 13, 2020 18:22

Times they are a-changing. You have been, and will be, missed.

I have followed you on twitch; Im not much into ship battles, but Ill check it out.

fizzix July 13, 2020 22:49

It's good to see another of the (relatively) old guard. Glad to hear you're doing well Derakon!

Grotug August 10, 2020 14:51

It's only natural for peoples' interest and engagement in the game to ebb and flow, so I wasn't surprised or concerned when your posting dropped off, but it is thoughtful of you to give us an update. I have always enjoyed all your posts on here for their thoughtfulness and wisdom, and hope you will return to playing the game (and sharing your Angband experiences) sometime down the road!

Best of luck with your battle game. Seems very promising.

invisibletroll August 23, 2020 22:50

HELLO! The only grief is you won't really leave. :D

DrWho42 August 28, 2020 22:44

welcome back! :D

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