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Timo Pietilš January 26, 2016 09:02

Really good youtube channel
Hello all.

I have been having fun watching youtube channel "Lindybeige". It has some archeologist that explains things like polearms (link below), what they were, how they were used and so on.

Really informative, but also quite fun. I think majority of angband community would find that worthy of watching:

krazyhades January 26, 2016 16:35

Oh thanks Timo, this looks neat!

JamesGoblin April 23, 2016 14:49

Hey, thanks for this, really nice stuff! I'll share it on couple places =)

Estie April 23, 2016 15:22

Been following it for a while now, agree that its most entertaining :)

I like the one about the "messer".

taptap April 28, 2016 13:40

Make sure to listen his videos about double bitted axes and studded leather.

Estie April 28, 2016 16:36


Originally Posted by taptap (Post 110859)
Make sure to listen his videos about double bitted axes and studded leather.

His argument against double bitted axes - unnecessary weight - is not valid though, and other video makers have quickly pointed that out.

JamesGoblin April 29, 2016 18:27

I shared it, as "promised"; It's interesting to compare cold shower I had on CF reddit with rather warm welcome on CU one!?

DrWho42 October 16, 2019 05:03

subscribed! :cool:

Pete Mack October 16, 2019 07:08

Dr who--
Can you please stop with the thread necromancy? I know you are a time lord, and the date doesn't mean anything to you, but for the rest of us, we don't want to see so many old threads. How about a new thread in AAR, about your current game?

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