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Zappa June 28, 2009 00:25

3.1 wall graphics
I just downloaded 3.1 and I can't figure out how to change the walls from the '#' back to the solid image that I remember from previous versions.

I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere.

Nolendil June 28, 2009 00:41

I think the procedure to switch to solid walls lies here.
However, I'm not an expert on the subject since I prefer '#' for walls :)

Zappa June 28, 2009 00:43

Thank you. Again, I'm sorry for a repeat thread.

Nolendil June 28, 2009 00:49

You're welcome :)
I assumed you were on Windows, otherwise this change probably won't do anything.
If it doesn't work, whether you're on Windows or not, you might have to change something in the appropriate "font-***.prf" where *** is the abbreviation of the OS you're playing on but I'm not sure about that.

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