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the Invisible Stalker July 13, 2015 09:56

[FA] Underworld Town
This is my first visit to this popular tourist destination. Can anyone recommend things to do/see while I'm here? The shops are something of a disappointment.

Nick July 13, 2015 12:38

Nowhere Town is the popular one, this is kind of a hidden gem. How did you find it?

the Invisible Stalker July 13, 2015 13:37

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I was on Dorthonian level 48. I noticed that the last screen of output of the map command showed it as having a dungeon entrance, which seemed odd, but I didn't pay much attention. A bit later I ran into some trouble and read a teleport level scroll, which caused me to sink down a level. I found myself not in the usual dungeon underworld but in Underworld Town. The dump shows my current location as Underworld level 49 and my previous location as Dorthonian level 48, but the scores list on saving shows me as being in Underworld Town, and it's clearly correct, as the place is full of townspeople and closed shops. I've attached a zipped savefile, in case you are curious. It's version 1.4.4.

Nick July 14, 2015 00:04

Beats me how that happened - the game must have thought it was on level 0 for 'dungeon' generation only, because now it clearly thinks it's on 49. This game clearly needs to be rewritten on a solid codebase :)

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