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AwooWolfWoof April 27, 2021 14:02

FrogComPosband: A question about coffee break mode.
I've been meaning to dip into this one though I'm still trying to get that juicy win in vanilla (lowest depth so far is somewhere in the 50's before dying in a vault.

So my question is: Do I get locked out of some content if I play in coffee break mode? The faster pacing appeals to me but if there's much more to do in normal mode, I might play it that way.

Thraalbee April 27, 2021 14:27

Yes, Coffee and Instant Coffe do reduce this enormous game. However, that does not mean you end up with a small thing. Even Instant Coffe which is single dungeon and no wilderness has quests and challenges enough to make it a biggish game. No need to read about it. It is very easy to try them both out. Personally I prefer Instant Coffe but that's me.

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