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debo July 28, 2016 22:34

This is pedantic, but I think it's actually 2lbs per die for monsters.

wobbly July 28, 2016 23:00

Possibly. It was +20 for 2 crits

seraph August 12, 2016 04:28

okay a couple times now, i'll stop playing and when i come back my character is gone; whenever i load the save file it goes to the character creation screen. i don't suppose there is any way to recover it? am i doing something wrong? doesn't the game save automatically?

edit: forgot to mention: the first time i start a new character, the starting level is always exactly the same as the last run and the consumables are the same. also, the items generated throughout were similar. e.g. i have found exactly 2 amulets of preservation in all my playthroughs; both were in the last two.

HallucinationMushroom August 13, 2016 01:59

It sounds a lot like this scenario:

Have two instances of same game running. Play really far on one then exit. Then absent mindedly quit the other one, maybe exiting from taskbar or something without thinking about it, overwriting the previous save. Same character, same layout, etc. but rolled back.

Your description doesn't quite match, but reminded me of this. I've never seen this behavior in Sil personally, but I haven't played 1.3 yet. But, fwiw, maybe check for multiple Sil programs running at once?

seraph August 13, 2016 09:51

thanks! i'll keep an eye out. that seems plausible but i agree that it's a bit inconsistent.

unrelated question: how does sharpness (on a weapon) effect protection? does it stack with the song?

wobbly August 13, 2016 10:53

Or you're doing my trick of forgetting the current character name and opening old dead characters instead. Sharpness is a % of protection. It stacks with the song. You'll see it if you open the game rolls window. Some weapons are sharper then others e.g. angrist is sharper then the other dagger.

Infinitum August 13, 2016 11:55

Sharp weapons reduce enemy preotection by 50%. All enemy protection is formatted as a number of d4's; not sure whether it reduces the amount of d4's proportionatly or applies directly to theend result.

bagori nd August 13, 2016 17:31

end result, I'm pretty sure. (song of sharpness probably confirms this.)

wobbly September 8, 2016 20:31

It'd be nice to have an option to prompt to attack for pacifist runs, ruined a few bumping in to things at the start.

Also noticed something pretty funny today. If you've got too much stealth & you try singing elbereth next to a troll guard it won't actually notice you. Eventually I remembered I had exchange places, stoped singing & exchanged places. It suddenly realized it was scared & meant to be running away.

nikheizen September 8, 2016 23:57


Originally Posted by wobbly (Post 112630)
It'd be nice to have an option to prompt to attack for pacifist runs, ruined a few bumping in to things at the start.

You can inscribe weapons with !a in Sil to make them prompt you before attacking.

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