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Jungle_Boy February 18, 2009 21:03

Missile question
I have seen this in a couple variants, I think Z+ and Entro. Missiles are displayed like this:

66 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0) (5/7)

I think the number at the end has something to do with the amount of damge done since it goes up, but I'm not sure exact;y. Anyone know what this means?

RogerN February 18, 2009 21:10


66 Arrows (1d4) (+0,+0) (5/7)
5 = average damage per shot
7 = average damage per round

These values take enchantments into account (minus brands/slays), but I don't know if critical hits are considered. I would guess that you have a Short Bow (+0, +0) (x2) equipped and get 1.5 shots per round, which matches those numbers perfectly.

camlost February 18, 2009 21:11

The first number is the per-showdamage. The second is the per-"turn" damage. Thus, if you had 2 shots per round, with a 1d4 arrow and no damage bonuses and x2 multipier, you'd deal:

5=(1d4)x2 per shot
10=(1d4)x2x2 per turn

which would be displayed (5/10)

Jungle_Boy February 18, 2009 21:40

Thanks for quick responses that makes sense now.

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