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half July 21, 2009 21:16

LOS/FOV/projections in NPP/Sangband

I'm working on a variant based on NPP and I want to better understand the type of LOS (and projection and FOV) present in NPP. It is clearly different to the LOS in V and the version comments say that it was taken from Sangband. Indeed, the comments say that the project functions, update_view and line-of-sight all come from Sangband. Does anyone know which algorithms Sangband uses and/or how they differ from the ones in Vanilla?


half July 21, 2009 23:49

Actually, I'd love to know a bit more about the current (and past?) Vanilla FOV/LOS/projection algorithms. Is there a neat summary of these available somewhere? I've seen the very nice comparisons at roguebasin and would very much like to know how the NPP and Vanilla algorithms fit in.

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