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daQuincy January 26, 2019 18:53

Some kind of repeat bug
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I found this great game again. Played Angband about 15-20 years ago.

My dwarf paladin is going great so far. But some bug seems to happen every now and again. The last time when I used a teleportation staff to get away from Queen of Air (or something like that). I used the staff normally, but it drained all the charges immediately and teleported me many times. Check the screenshot. The game even tried to use the staff 110 times more, until I hit escape key (or maybe I hit some other key, don't remember).

I did not hold any keys down. My keyboard is in perfect shape and form (already switched keyboard because of this bug, but still it's happening).

This kind of thing can happen when I do just about anything, the game repeats the action endlessly, until I hit some other key. Happends maybe once in an hour or so, but it's quite random.

Already lost one paladin for this bug. In a game like this you cannot afford even small mistakes, let alone a bug like this.

But as there seem to be no other players complaining about this, and the game seems very mature, I cannot but think that the problem is somehow in my end.

Anyways, here's the bug report. Maybe you can think of something, that could cause this kind of behavior.

P.S. Almost forgot, I'm using the 4.1.3 Windows version. The one you can download from the front page.

Nick January 26, 2019 22:13

Thanks for reporting.

I'm inclined to think it's something at your end. But that's partly because no-one's reported this behaviour before; now you've reported this, we'll know to look out for it. I've filed it as a bug, and will have a bit of a look around.

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