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g. rodrigues February 4, 2008 15:31

Should I quit?
Hi all.

I am playing a High elf mage, character level 26, max dungeon level 20.

I have had some luck in finding good stuff. Have Mordenkainen's escapes and Scarabtarices, the daggers Nimthanc and Dethanc, the cap of Thengel, the gloves Cambeleg. Also found a ring of speed +3 and a few more trinkets. Unfortunately, have only managed to *identify* Dethanc.

My problem is the following: while I have the elemental resistances more or less well covered, I have neither res. confusion, nor res. blind, nor free action, etc. Nothing, nada. Should I continue or just suicide this char? If you advise to continue what should I be on the lookout for? How should I proceed?

This character is about as high as I have gone (yeah, as newbie as it gets), so I really do not know what is waiting for me out there. Still have not hit nothing I could not take, but the lack of all those resistances is *really* getting me worried.

TIA, regards,
G. Rodrigues

Djabanete February 4, 2008 16:17

You're doing incredibly well. Thengel gives resist Confusion, Cambeleg gives FA. Your only weakness is lack of blindness resistance.

The two dungeon books and the ring of speed are icing on the cake. It would be lunacy to quit now.

Good luck and stay careful!

HallucinationMushroom February 4, 2008 17:32

You could sell that character on ebay! Heh,... eh... yeah, sorry. I would consider that a really good start. Even though *id* is hard to come by I bet you are coming across a good deal of junk like potions/mushrooms of confusion, blindness, sleep, paralysis or hallucination which are helpful in their own way. Try eating/drinking those while wearing equipment/artifacts that aren't *id* to find out if they cover blind/confu/fa/chaos. If you don't go blind, stumble around, catatonic or peer into the fourth dimension... you're in luck!

ElectricPaladin February 4, 2008 21:08

I mean, does anyone ever quit characters unless the race/class combination just becomes boring? You can always find the gear that closes the gap, can't you?

Mondkalb February 5, 2008 09:03

I'd rather dive. Fast diving grants either good equipment or sudden death.
Or both. ^^

Matthias February 5, 2008 17:09

I sometimes suicide characters I haven't played in a while as I have a hard time getting back to them. It's not because the combination bores me though. For example if I feel like playing another Entro Berserker and notice that I still have one sitting around dlvl 50 from three month ago, I usually suicide him and restart the exact same character... Then I usually run out of time to play that new character and things start again

Daven_26d1 February 5, 2008 19:01

Yeah, the only reason to suicide a character is because you have no interest in playing it and you want to get your effort onto the scoreboard, or a restart based on something you forgot about, as Matthias says. In this case, the important thing is to remember that you haven't been this deep before and its important that you get as much information into the monster memory and your brain as possible, so that you can do even better in the future.

At that depth, I wouldn't worry too much about rBlind, I'd only be really worried if I was playing a mage. You can carry mushrooms if you're uncomfortable with it and its well to remember that even !CLW remove some blinding (just about the only thing they're good for TBH) and the higher potions are even better at removing the effect.

A staff of teleport is a good investment for a high elf ranger without rBlind, because you will still be able to perform escapes unlike with scrolls & the activation should be pretty reliable. Don't teleport unless its necessary (you can't see what you've landed next to.) Fighting blind or shooting down corridors blind is more than acceptable for a ranger unless you are in immediate danger of being killed.

Never suicide just because you haven't got a base covered, the RNG will reward patience and effort in the face of adversity.

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