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debo August 26, 2016 13:22

I'm cool with this idea, but the person we need to convince is probably pav. I'm assuming this is going to require some tweaking to dump-parsing to make it work.

bron August 26, 2016 18:31


Originally Posted by Carnivean (Post 112421)
Does that provide a tie-breaker if no one can win it?

I hadn't really though about it, but I guess I'd propose "most experience points" as the ranking criteria among non-winners. I agree with debo that convincing pav to make the changes to the ladder ranking may be the hardest part. Maybe he can be bribed? I haven't seen any oook fund raisers in awhile ...

Estie August 27, 2016 02:27

What about a "1 try" mode where you play the character till he dies and winner is the one with most advanced dump ? It has always appeared to me that this would be the more fitting competition mode for Angband (or maybe its just me not liking to minimize turncount).

The advantage of the turncount mode is that you get to play Angband no matter what, whereas here you have to wait for the next comp if you die after one hour of play.

For the 1-try mode, it is not necessary to pick tough starting conditions (ironman no-artefacts etc) to provide a challenge. Maybe just make vanilla default (but with randarts :D ). Also it might be good to have a short duration, maybe 1 week, and 3 days overlap with the next one or so.

Would it be possible to create a bot that maintains this mode ? A new tab on the oook page called "daily competition" (or weekly or vanilla or whatever), where a bot posts a vanilla starting file every day/week, random race class combo, and crowns the winner in the sub-ladder when time is up.
Of course someone would have to write this and I have no idea how much work it would be, but it would not require a maintainer once installed.

debo August 27, 2016 02:58

We could just run a few very short comps and do it on honor system!. I kinda like that idea.

debo October 5, 2016 02:23

I might try a 1-week long vanilla comp next, where (honor system) you're only allowed one attempt (that means one death total.) Highest rank as per normal Vanilla comp scoring wins.

Objections? If not I'll set it up tomorrow.

MattB October 5, 2016 18:17


Originally Posted by debo (Post 113281)
Objections? If not I'll set it up tomorrow.

None here - looking forward to it!

(as long as it's not a ruddy mage!)

Pete Mack October 5, 2016 19:44

Oooh yeah. Mage would be GOOD. High elf, preferably, for early game survivability. And please don't short starting CON.

wobbly October 5, 2016 20:01


Not really. Also 2nding (3rding) Matt's suggestions of a mage. Kobold for kicks?

MattB October 6, 2016 16:33

Gee...thanks guys.
At least it's a Half-troll mage.

God I hate playing mages.

Pete Mack October 6, 2016 18:22

I used to hate mages. I do hate mages with bad stealth, mana, and archery.

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