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malcontent February 5, 2022 04:51

Is there any interest in a Vanilla competition with a poorly matched race and class? Not sure what I would suggest.

Dwarf/Necro? Ugh, Necromancer is terrible grind for 3/4 of the game regardless of race. Zero winners on the ladder for this combo. Maybe something more fun though...

Half-Troll/Anything? Not much of a stretch here - I think a Half-Troll is a decent race for any class, even the Int based casters like rogue and mage are very doable. And its always fun to just bash things at the start of game.



HugoVirtuoso February 5, 2022 04:56

Half-Troll Paladin or Half-Troll Blackguard

(These are very random combos, but definitely should be interesting)

wobbly February 5, 2022 14:19

Half-troll paladin is a pretty strong combo.

How about kobold druid? Seems a fun combo

Thraalbee February 5, 2022 14:51

forced descent no recall hobbit paladin. must use a lance to kill Morgoth?

Estie February 5, 2022 15:06


Originally Posted by Thraalbee (Post 157424)
forced descent no recall hobbit paladin. must use a lance to kill Morgoth?

Starting file and randart set, also a lance +0 given at start, also hobbit is only allowed to wield lances.

Thraalbee February 5, 2022 15:48

Yes! Burden is fun. ish. Not! Maybe? It'll be a great pain the all pack-rats out there (including me) so maybe know all runes from start to compensate somewhat?

wobbly February 5, 2022 16:11

Not sure hobbit paladin starts with enough str to wield a lance, might be heavy wield

Estie February 5, 2022 16:16

It is. Doesnt mean you cant kill stuff with it though.

Gwarl February 5, 2022 16:58

Composband 7.1.3 Dark Elf Hexblade ;)

HugoVirtuoso February 5, 2022 17:31

Now that Composband 7.1.3 has been released, make the next compo Composband related

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