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Derakon August 22, 2014 01:22


Originally Posted by Amnekian (Post 94987)
Care to explain why you say "if you are lucky you will get x spells"?

Every time you increase Thaumaturgy skill, you automatically learn two more spells. Every spell takes the form of "hit a certain area type with a specific element", where the different area types are things like bolt, beam, ball, etc., and the elements can be literally any damaging element in the game, plus wall creation. Thus the utility of the Thaumaturgy spells depends heavily on a) what elements you get, and b) what areas of effect they have. Spells with the Inertia element, for example, are incredibly good because they apply stacking slow effects to your targets and practically nothing resists it; plain Fire damage is pretty useless in comparison. If you get a Force Beam spell, then its damage is effectively massively multiplied, because Force knocks its targets backwards, which means the same beam can hit a given target many times in a row (and you get bonus damage if you smash them into walls!).

But the real kicker is the Area spell, since it, as described, can hit the same target over and over again for massive unresistable damage. If you got a high-level Area - Inertia spell, them even if your target survives the first cast, they'll be at like -60 speed and won't be able to do anything.

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