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Derakon October 6, 2010 15:22

I'd interpret a non-war-of-attrition fight with Morgoth as being a fight with Morgoth in which you don't rely on difficult-to-replace consumables. And, well, you can still do that. Replace your healing items with Cure Critical Wounds, available in infinite quantity from the temple. Use Phase Door (available infinitely from the alchemist) to get away before you chug the potions. Use Rods of Teleport Other (you should find plenty in a standard game, and they don't get used up) to deal with summons. The only remaining special item is one use of Destruction to set up the battlefield, but if you can't find a single scroll of Destruction all game then there's no hope for you.

If you want a fight where healing isn't needed at all, then you're going to have to seriously rethink how Angband combat works.

Tiburon Silverflame October 6, 2010 19:28

My first dungeon crawl games go all the way back to the C-64, Apple IIc, and Amiga. Wizardry, the Bard's Tales, the early Might and Magic, the Ultimas, the early SSI D&D games, lots of secondary games I don't even recall now.

GENERALLY speaking, healing in all of these was pretty easy to do, even in combat. Especially as you neared the endgame.

A very unusual characteristic of Moria/Angband is that it's a single adventurer. This changes the dynamic with huge fights. Games do sometimes set up the real, major fights (those that end at least a major section of the game) as the player against 1 really powerful, *solo* monster...but it's still usually 4 or 6 party members against that BBEG.

Such a fight is always, to a degree, a battle of attrition. How can it really be a BBEG if you can drop it quickly? And where's the drama if it can't threaten you? This is where the difference between a solo character and a party kicks in. With a party, you can devote 1 character to healing, maybe 1 to buffing, as seems appropriate to you, while the rest still move towards the goal. This opens the door to more tactics, but it's still attrition. With a solo character, you can't do that...or to put it differently, there's no capability to both deal damage AND heal effectively at the same time. So, you're trading off dealing damage when you can, and healing when you have to.

Derakon's PD + CCW is still attrition combat; the fact that you have near-infinite supplies doesn't actually change that. Any combat that runs 20+ rounds, and in which you'll be forced to heal or recharge extensively, is an attrition combat. If I need three Meteor Swarms to take something out, taking 200 damage in the process, that's not attrition combat. If I need to cast a dozen mana storms, and heal 1500 points of damage taken during that time, THAT is attrition combat.

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