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HallucinationMushroom June 30, 2014 23:24

It's all good! I had many misconceptions about how the game worked that I had to work through with forum and character questions... and I am still clueless about a fair number of mechanics. This just happened to be a question easy enough for me to field, haha :).

taptap June 30, 2014 23:55

@lion: Cost is n*100 xp for the n-th skill point, cost for abilities is n*500 xp for the n-th ability of that skill-tree (modified by affinities for archery/smithing w/ feanor, archery/will w/ fingolfing, archery/perception w/ finarfin). I guess, how important these points are, is something one learns very fast.

skadefryd July 1, 2014 11:23

Anyway, I'm sure an argument could be made that spending initial XP on skills rather than on ability points is often not a good idea. In the early game, what's better––a slightly higher crit rate or a +1 to hit? Extra perception or the ability to see invisible monsters? +1 evasion, or +3 evasion only when moving? And so on.

wobbly July 1, 2014 11:45

That depends. If I'm going stealth early I'd take disguise or assassination straight a way. Song of elbereth is only 600 pts to take from the start & pretty much makes early orcs not a problem on an elf, if your taking it you may as well start with it. I've found on characters with low melee 1 melee+power to be better then 3. So yeah, depends but usually true.

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