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PowerWyrm October 9, 2019 17:45

Proofreading the help files
Ok I'm currently porting some of the changes to the help file system from V to PWMAngband and I guess I can post the typos/errors I've found in the help files here.

1) attack.rst

- monster status effects are outdated I think

2) birth.rst

- paladin: "receive prayers at a slower pace then the priest" (than)
- fighting: "This kill increases with the level of the character" (skill)
- stealth: "but can me magically enhanced" (be)
- stat bonus tables: outdated reference to XP modifier ("a Dwarf Priest has [...] an XP modifier of 20+20=40%")
- stat bonus tables + ability tables: the online help only shows the "race" part, the "class" part is not shown

3) command.rst

- open a door: outdated reference to "jammed" doors; "attempt to pick any lock doors" (locked)
- disarm a trap: outdated reference to the "search" command
- inscribe an object: "inventory object election" (selection)
- fire an item: "This command will fire a will allow you to fire a missile" (This command will allow you to fire a missile)
- character description: "including your kill" (skill)
- quiver list: no need to escape the \ char ("\|" -> "|")

More to come as I look at the other files.

fph October 10, 2019 10:29

I'm afraid that all these missing "s"'s at the beginning of words were the result of a borked regex replacement when I converted the help files to their current RST format some years ago. :( I fixed most of the mistakes, but occasionally there are still a few errors. The remaining errors usually give valid words (like kill, election above), because otherwise spellchecking would have found them.
So, just as a warning, if you encounter a sentence that does not make sense, try adding 's' at the beginning of a word.

I'm terribly orry for that. :(

PowerWyrm October 14, 2019 17:50

4) copying.rst

- "The Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL for short) is a cross-platfrom library" (platform)

5) customize.rst

- "Inscribing an item with ``@``, followed by a command latter" (letter)
- bad format: "pressing 1 when ``u``sing it. You could also
inscribe a wand of Wonder with '@a1', and when using ``a``" (putting the ``u`` inside parentheses seems to fix the problem)

6) dungeon.rst

- Within The Dungeon: "they is ready to enter the dungeon" (are)
- Level and object feelings: bad format (could use a list for the feelings)

Nick October 14, 2019 21:42

Thanks, filed a bug to watch this thread...

PowerWyrm October 15, 2019 17:48

7) faq.rst

- "Non-code activites are different" (activities)

8) guide.rst

- Identifying your items: obsolete reference to "staff of Identify"

9) compiling.rst

- Debug build: "panic saves don’t alvays work" (always)

10) how-it-works.rst

- The Z Layer: "platform-indepdent abstractions" (independent)

PowerWyrm October 16, 2019 15:11

11) option.rst

- Center map continuously: "and will how one section at a time" (show)
- hybrid_walls: "This overrides ``solid_walls]``" (remove ])
- Display monster recall: "Display a description of the most monster which has been most recently" (remove 1st "most")
- Display status: why some "???" -> "Display the current status of the player, with permanent or temporary boosts, resistances and status ailments (also available on the main window)." (unless this doesn't work in V, but that's what it does in PWMAngband)

12) playing.rst

- Selection of Objects: obsolete reference to file 'customize.txt'
- original keyset: \* and \- and \+ are not needed (just use * - +), for \` I have no idea what to do (````` is considered as a break and throws an error)

13) version.rst

- "aggrivate monster" (aggravate)
- "I left it with the tudent assistants" (student)

Should be it.

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