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Sky October 26, 2019 17:59

if a normal item is spawned on the dungeon floor, and then picked up by a black ooze (or other mob), when i kill the mob will the item say "found lying on the ground" or "dropped by a black ooze" ?

Derakon October 26, 2019 19:52

I'm pretty sure that the object's origin is set when it is first generated, so the item should say "found on the floor". By a similar token, if a monster got killed by another monster and you found its loot later, it should still say it was dropped by X monster at Y dungeon level, even if you had no way of knowing that that was the case.

Sky October 26, 2019 21:00

you may wonder why the question came up; i was on a floor with a high-quality item somewhere, and there were some oozes breeding, one of which dropped a OOD ring of speed. I thought "maybe THIS item is the one of the level feeling, but the flag i see was set after i learned about the object".

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