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wobbly July 26, 2018 12:44

Coffee-band containment thread
Good now I can post as much as I like without feeling like a jerk.

Coffee-band will mix the ethos of NPP(they'll be my pet peeves),Minimal(a hidden gem) & Sil(I'll grab the low hanging stuff). Honestly I'm happy with Sil being Sil and angband being angband.

First 15 levels small. Screen sized small. A no-teleport zone. Mages will keep phase, the scroll will exist but I want to shove most downwards.
Guardians: Moria Balrog, Sauron, an orc captain (which?), Glaurang (saw just the level for him). Old lvl 1-5 spread over 15 smalls

There will also be coffee.

Carnivean July 26, 2018 13:59


Originally Posted by wobbly (Post 132251)
There will also be coffee.

Is coffee +1 speed for 50 turns and -2 speed for 10 turns unless you have another? Also, -5 to accuracy if you stack more than 3?

wobbly July 26, 2018 14:45

Let's just say the game lost something when super heroism vanished.

gnome, kobold merge - Stoors?
All elves merge
Half troll becomes ent, dwarf takes loud basher
What do with rest?


wobbly July 26, 2018 16:55

What's a dagger other then a multiplier. 1d2. 1d5 thancs. Pretty sure I can do accuracy & weight crits by putting weight in the calc twice. Fix low str range for 1d2 dagger

Derakon July 26, 2018 17:13

So a dagger is only going to be about 50% better than punching things? ;)

wobbly July 26, 2018 17:16

Fists have higher weight & are hard to enchant right? Ent might get an +dam bonus to fists then. Problems can be features.

4th class. Unarmed

Derakon July 26, 2018 17:34

I think fists count as weight 0 (or weight 0.1) for purposes of calculating blows, in Vanilla anyway. Certainly I've had surprising success taking a warrior into the dungeon unarmed and punching things. Not so much due to the 1d1 damage dice as due to the STR-based damage bonus. 3 blows per round with a +3 (or was it +4?) damage bonus is pretty decent in the early game.

The Zangband-derived variants (including PosChengband et al) have a Monk class that, as it levels, gets various special unarmed attacks that have better damage dice. E.g. their punch does 1d3, then they get a 1d6 kick, a 2d4 headbutt, etc. Those numbers are probably wrong, but you get the idea. The actual attack they use on any given blow is randomly-selected from the ones they have unlocked, weighted slightly towards the higher end.

wobbly July 26, 2018 18:00

I've played the monk, I suspect O-style druid will be easier to code. I'll absorb the feature branch druid & twiddle.
Edit: Looked at FCPBs monk. What's sane looking coding doing in this variant? I'll steal the Z-ish parts for the druid. The rest is.. monks have complicated mechanics. Don't like knees & elbows for Ents though, like presumably they still have joints (or supple branch bits) but I've never imagined them as the most joint-y creatures.

Gwarl July 26, 2018 20:32

IMO drop the super-races, just have elves and men. They might get some play then.

wobbly July 26, 2018 21:03

Hmm, if I absorb all humans into Beorning it'll have an excuse for not being a 0 stat race & can sit in the half-orcs old spot. The new gnome/kobold will be at halfling hps/melee & halflings are losing the casting stats so elf might be the go to for hps on a mage.

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