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Sideways August 4, 2018 16:24

[Announce] FrogComposband 7.0.nougat released
Available here, with the source code, precompiled Windows full game (without the source code) and precompiled Windows .exe. (Windows users who download the .exe should also download the source code, but not the full game, which would be superfluous. Windows users who download the full game won't need to download any other files.)

Savefiles are unidirectionally compatible with 7.0.nougat and previous versions of FrogComposband; you can safely use old savefiles in 7.0.nougat, but you can't use nougat savefiles in older versions.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback! I hope you've enjoyed the game and will enjoy this new release even more. I'm sorry if I haven't had the time to address or implement every suggestion made; rest assured that all of it is still read and appreciated.


Changes in FrogComposband 7.0.nougat:

* Added two new races (Einheri and Werewolf). Einherjar are very powerful but only receive partial benefits from magical healing. Werewolves can (big surprise) assume either human or wolf shape, with both shapes having their strengths and weaknesses (thanks to murphy and CyclopsSlayer for their pre-release werewolf feedback)

* Slowing is no longer a purely binary status (either no slowing or -10 to speed); while the binary slowing still exists, some forms of slowing are now incremental and can take any value between no slowing and -10. The two forms of slowing partially add together, so a player (or monster) afflicted with both forms can be slowed by up to -12 in total (thanks to Derakon for this idea)

* Shuffled some of the buildings in Anambar to reduce travel distances (the shroomery/black market building and the archery guild building switched places; the library is now in the formerly empty building southwest of the main square, the beastmaster is now where the library was, and the former beastmaster building is now empty)

* Added more Egyptian gods, and a new dungeon they now inhabit. Added a new birth option (single_pantheon) to play with only one of the two pantheons currently in the game (Greek or Egyptian); selecting this option will remove the other pantheon, and its associated dungeon, from the game

* Added new monsters and artifacts

* Added one new demigod power (Inspired Smithing, which improves reforge results) and several new mutations (adapted from Frogspawn)

* Coffee-break mode's modified level size algorithm is now always used in the Angband dungeon (except in the case of games with ironman_downward on and coffee_break off). Generally, this means smaller levels in the early game

* Beginner mode now uses the coffee_break option

* Friendly monsters no longer trigger the Eldritch Horror sanity-blast

* Replaced potions of resist electricity with potions of vigor, which cure all temporary slowing effects (both binary and incremental) plus stunning. (Potions of life now also cure all temporary slowing effects, and potions of healing and *healing* and rods of angelic healing reduce incremental slowing by 1)

* Fixed a bug that allowed alchemists to receive special benefits from some potions just by inspecting them (thanks to TauzentBlitz for reporting this)

* A list of allied uniques is now shown in the character sheet for classes who can permanently befriend a monster (currently, just politicians)

* The player's life rating (if known) is now shown in the character sheet (at the bottom of the Statistics section)

* Tweaked item valuation again (items with high-pval weaponmastery are now worth more)

* Coffee-break mode's max reforge power bonus (accelerated reforging) is now permanently reduced if the character fails any of the random Angband quests

* Buffed the Fell Sorcery and One with Magic demigod powers. The effect of Fell Sorcery on spell power was doubled. One with Magic now successfully resists dispelling and anti-magic 77% of the time instead of the old 50%, unless the player is mimicking or in wraithform (the mimicking restriction does not apply to doppelgangers)

* Added a new scroll (Scroll of Inventory Protection). Unlike other sources of temporary inventory protection (which only reduce the chances of item damage), the scrolls provide complete protection

* Improved item parsing. It is now possible to specify an ego device, as well as to specify a pile size, and specified devices are no longer necessarily generated at the lowest level supported by the effect. Some of the quest device rewards are now ego

* Fixed a bug that caused the Identify spell to not work properly for Ring player-monsters (thanks to TauzentBlitz for reporting this). Also changed the default point allocation for Rings per TauzentBlitz's suggestion

* The show_discovery and always_dump_origins options are now on by default due to their popularity

* An item's weight is now displayed when the item is examined (thanks to Mocht for reminding me of this)

* The proficiency screen didn't display proper statistics for player death scythes; this has been fixed (thanks to Nivim for reporting this)

* "Cursed" status was not updated properly if the curse was broken by an enchantment; this has been fixed

* Monsters can no longer tele-level the player out of dungeon quest levels (in the case of fixed quests this caused an automatic quest failure, which was highly annoying and somewhat unfair) (thanks to Bucephalus for bringing this up)

* Item quests could become uncompletable for Death-Swords and Weaponsmiths if they absorbed the item without picking it up first; this has been fixed (thanks to Prandar for reporting this)

* Some *vorpal* weapons had misleading inscriptions due to lacking the VORPAL flag; this has been fixed (thanks to Nivim for reporting this)

* Monsters with long (2-square) melee were not able to use it diagonally; this has been fixed

* Shield weaponmasters were not allowed to use mithril shields; this has been fixed (thanks to Bucephalus for reporting this)

* One of the Trump Shuffle effects ("picture of a strange monster") didn't work properly due to an old bug (thanks to bostock for reporting this)

* Coffee-break mode inappropriately created normal down stairs instead of a shaft to connect random dungeon quests on consecutive levels; this has been fixed

* Rush Attack (Ninja Nyusin, Hound Pounce/Leap, Mauler Close In, etc.) sometimes teleported the player through walls; this has been fixed

* Improved valuation of unidentified items, and fixed a longstanding bug that allowed unidentified good, awful and average items to receive a value bonus intended only for artifacts

* Failed attempts to close a door while confused now take some time (although less than a full turn)

* Improved support for Adam Bolt's tiles by copying things from ZAngband

* Disease attacks can now cause temporary unwellness

* Explosions can now have multiple effects (e.g. Internet Exploders now slow the player a bit in addition to the time damage)

* The location of permanent features (like stairs or permanent walls) is no longer forgotten by the player after earthquakes or destruction

* Tweaked the Mauler class. Their Close In spell can now be cancelled during targetting without HP or energy loss (thanks to Mocht for that suggestion), but their melee power, archery skills and life rating were reduced a bit. (Don't worry - they still do silly damage with the right weapons...)

* Made psions a little less overpowered

* Slightly lowered weaponsmiths' life rating

* Tweaked repeated targetting a bit. A new target is now always requested if the old target was the player's mount, and also if the player targetted himself and has moved since. Not cancelling the old targets in these cases sometimes caused unexpected behavior, especially with the use_old_target option on (thanks to FlauterFiddle for bringing this up)

* The Enchant Weapon and Enchant Armor object selection menus no longer allow futile attempts to enchant items with the NO_ENCHANT flag (thanks to murphy for suggesting this)

* Vortex player-monsters now have a race boss (Wiruin)

* Slightly reduced the power of melee slays and brands
(Gwarl's weapon die buff in ComPosband effectively made slays and brands more powerful than they used to be, since their power depends on dice; so for most weapons, the power of slays and brands now is fairly similar to what it was in PosChengband before Gwarl's weapon buff)

* Fixed a number of bugs with melee slays and brands. (Most notably, Slay *Living* didn't work properly [it had the same effect as normal Slay Living])

* In some unusual cases, a single monster could be counted as a kill for quest completion purposes more than once. In general, any player strong enough to take "advantage" of this was better off just curbstomping the quest the normal way, but the loopholes have been plugged anyway

* Attempts to revive a quest target monster will now always fail

* Oremorj the Cyberdemon Lord now has fewer hitpoints, but can sometimes recover from confusion speedily

* Elder storm giants now resist confusion

* Sleeping in the inn or reforging an item now resets all timed flags

* Nerfed the Sorcery Realm's Mass Stasis spell, which now has much lower power and shorter duration if effective (it's still one of the best spells in that realm...) Some other stasis/paralysing effects also have shorter duration now

* The Confusing Lights spell is now slightly weaker (staves of Confusing Lights are not affected by this change)

* Teleport Level and Word of Recall now request confirmation if the player is about to recall/teleport out of a quest that cannot be retaken

* Retaking level 99 or 100 in coffee-break mode now slightly increases the Serpent's mpower

* Body armour of Celestial Protection sometimes has additional buffs now, especially at high levels

* The "You have no artifacts to reforge" error message now displays the reforge power limit (thanks to bostock for suggesting this)

* Plugged wobbly's Black Market potion reserving exploit

* Androids can now use the Eat command (in addition to the old Quaff command) to consume a flask of oil (thanks to Mocht and bostock for suggesting this)

* Made selling caps in key shops (armoury and weapon shop) friendlier to the player, and removed some duplication in the shopkeeper list

* Slightly reduced the cost of reforging in coffee-break mode to compensate for the more limited money supply

* Monsters summoned by Amberite blood curses now appear with more energy needed, and therefore won't insta-kill the player unless the player is paralyzed or has low speed

* The Enchantment spell (available to mariliths and dragons, and as an activation on the hammer of Hephaestus) now applies the usual 99% discount to enchanted non-ego items (thanks to Bucephalus for suggesting this)

* Ultra-powerful items from normally low-weight slots whose score exceeds the reforge power cap of their native slot (e.g. Nenya or Vilya) can now have the power cap of the destination slot applied to them if reforged into a higher-weight slot

* Added a new disturbance option ("Run past buried treasure"; on by default)

* Experience from a monster kill is now reduced if 100 or more monsters of that race have been killed. (Copied from Frogspawn; replaces the previous exp reduction formula that only applied to breeders and kicked in after 400 kills)

* The Mogaminator now accepts "icky" as an adjective (so "!icky" means "destroy all icky items", and "!nameless icky weapons" means "destroy all icky melee weapons that aren't ego or artifact"). The Mogaminator defines icky items as either weapons that trigger icky wield, or gloves that trigger encumbrance. It is possible that the "icky" keyword doesn't work correctly for some classes yet; any such reports will be appreciated (thanks to BobZero for this suggestion)

* Added an option to deactivate the Mogaminator (thanks to BobZero for this suggestion)

* It is now possible to inscribe a weapon with !? to request confirmation of melee attacks, preventing accidental melee (this may be desirable for pure magic users, or in the case of temporarily wielded objects like shovels). The inscription may also include a monster level (e.g. !?45 asks the player to confirm attacks against monsters of level 45 or above, but not against monsters of level 44 or below). Once an attack against a monster has been confirmed, all further attacks against that monster are automatically assumed to be acceptable. Consecutive attacks against monsters of the same race are also assumed to be intentional; for example, if the player confirms an attack against an olog, all further attacks against ologs will be automatically confirmed until the player attacks a monster who is not an olog. Only the player's primary weapon is checked for the !? inscription (thanks to BobZero for this suggestion)

* A -more- prompt is now given to alert the player whenever a device or any inscribed item in the player's inventory is stolen or destroyed. These warnings can be turned off in the disturbance options (thanks to kt for this suggestion)

* Implemented some of bostock's suggested alchemist improvements:
- Alchemists can now use the same infusion repeatedly with the 'n' command
- The Break Down and Create Infusion operations quantity prompts now default to the whole stack
- Infusions of Booze now warn the player on attempts to use them
- Potions with special super-effects for alchemists now have different descriptions when inspected by an alchemist
- An infusion-browsing function existed but could not be accessed in-game

* Alchemist infusions are now only almost weightless, not totally weightless (they weigh 0.05 lbs each, one-tenth of a potion's weight)

* Requesting a new quest with the previous quest's reward waiting outside no longer results in the permanent loss of the previous reward. (Note that it is *only* quest rewards that aren't lost - any other objects you may have left waiting outside will still be lost.)

* Added more random ring artifact names

* Updated some of the help files

* Various minor tweaks and code improvements
Good luck everybody, and have fun!

CyclopsSlayer August 4, 2018 19:09

Woot!!! So much for a quiet day with a book...

CyclopsSlayer August 4, 2018 21:11

With a second Pantheon are you planning to expand Demigods into children of Ra, Anubis, Osiris, Thoth, etc...?

Sideways August 4, 2018 21:20


Originally Posted by CyclopsSlayer (Post 132507)
With a second Pantheon are you planning to expand Demigods into children of Ra, Anubis, Osiris, Thoth, etc...?

I have given thought to that but I'm not entirely sure. If I did that I'd have to come up with artifacts for every Egyptian god allowed as a demigod parent who doesn't have an artifact yet (which is most of them).

Fnord August 6, 2018 00:30

Much <3 for Frog!

Minor bug report: In easy_damage mode, status effects are pushed off the screen when stuns are displayed as well.

Fnord August 6, 2018 02:25

I started a shieldmaster (Hades), and my starting equipment resulted in being unable to melee anything. Seems odd.

Sideways August 6, 2018 13:36


Originally Posted by Mocht (Post 132517)
One possibility is that Maulers could be anti-monks, and in particular they could have a severe penalty for not wearing heavy armour
Mauler power could be kept in check by ensuring that certain things are only available on light armour, for instance, desireable slays only being available on light gloves

Nice to see you posting again! That's an interesting suggestion.

I don't mind it awfully much, though, if maulers are at the strong end. There are clearly people who enjoy making monsters go splat superfast :) And the items that allow mauler damage to really go through the roof require some luck; while I've tried to reduce luck dependence in general, I also like having rare items out there that can make a big difference, as long as it's still possible to win without them which certainly is the case on maulers.

CyclopsSlayer August 9, 2018 05:25


Originally Posted by Fnord (Post 132526)
I started a shieldmaster (Hades), and my starting equipment resulted in being unable to melee anything. Seems odd.

I can confirm this. Starting Shield and a bought one, gave no Melee attacks.

Bucephalus August 10, 2018 01:48


Originally Posted by CyclopsSlayer (Post 132610)
I can confirm this. Starting Shield and a bought one, gave no Melee attacks.

You don't get that ability until level 10. Buy a sword or something. Shield bashing is (IMO) not a viable melee attack—you won't benefit from the two-handed-with-a-shield bonus, you won't get slays, and damage is just too low.

And yo, Sideways. Loving the new version. Here's a thought more philosophy than design:

I get not being able to fly over rubble in a dungeon (because of ceiling clearance), but it seems hard to justify letting a player fly over mountains on the overworld map, and then smacking face-first into piles of junk.

CyclopsSlayer August 10, 2018 05:24


Originally Posted by Bucephalus (Post 132633)
You don't get that ability until level 10. Buy a sword or something. Shield bashing is (IMO) not a viable melee attack—you won't benefit from the two-handed-with-a-shield bonus, you won't get slays, and damage is just too low.

AH! I had looked at Weaponmasters using Shields on the Ladder and they were all dual-wielding shield, so assumed that was the norm. Oops.

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