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Mike September 28, 2021 22:47

Xygos 0.1.1 "Centipede" released
This is the 0.1.1 alpha release of Xygos, a variant of Angband aiming towards conversion from V's fantasy milieu to an eclectic sci-fi / futuristic / post-apocalyptic theme.

Most of that theme conversion has been done, although the occasional magic wand does pop up here and there. This release is mostly about fixing bugs and improving game balance. It's likely to still be imbalanced and crashy, but it should be more playable than 0.1.0. The timed-autosave feature is still recommended, and so is the new autodump birth option (see below). If anyone wants to check it out I would appreciate bug reports (even for minor issues such as garbled messages or aspects which appear to be unthematic, left over from V), suggestions or patches (on Github, or here on this thread).

Source is available here:
Builds (Windows and MacOS) are available here:

New (from Vanilla) top level files include:

BUGS (what it says - though most of them are marked as fixed)
BRANCHES (list of branches, with brief descriptions)
CHANGES (summary of changes made - the equivalent of changes.txt)

FAQ / Gotchas / What To Expect:

- Some classes are more complete than others. Soldiers are the most complete class. Wrestlers are mostly complete (they aren't supposed to be complicated, they just hit things until they fall over). Engineers have a full set of gear-related abilities, but will probably have to melee more than is good for them. Pilots need work but are probably quite powerful as is - speee-eed! Clowns, Marksmen, Spelunkers and Jedi are incomplete, much more difficult than intended. (Tourists are supposed to be difficult and to have no particular special powers.)
- Races and personalities are all complete (although some are intentionally more powerful than others)
- The Cyborg and Mutant extensions are basically complete. Super isn't - it's missing bits such as starting and quest equipment - but the built-ins it gives are useful as they are.
- Grues are surrounded by darkness. You can't see the dark, because... it's dark :) You just see your light radius decrease. I'll show this visually when I get clouds / effects more generally done.
- The monster list is incomplete, and what is there is biased towards shallow depths. This will probably result in things getting easier than they should be below dl40 or so. It's due to be fixed (I'm aiming for power scaling similar to V) but it will be a while yet.

Changes from the last release include:

Home quests. Before gaining access to a home, you need to get rid of the previous occupants.

An option for shared homes (so all homes share the same inventory, you don't need to move stuff between them.)

Autodump. Enabled with a birth option, you will automatically save a character dump every level up. This might involve some screen flicker. Recommended for playtesters - a zip of character dumps would tell me much more about your character's progress than I would otherwise know.

Stores now let you know when there is a quest available.

Game balance improvements include:

Melee blow weight scaling is now a tunable constant. It's now harder than V to get lots of blows
(as there are a lot of powerful but lightweight weapons).
Dual foosabers are especially powerful. Their to-hit penalty has been increased to offset this.
Some added items (poison resistance in particular was too difficult to get)
Cyberlegs are moved deeper.
Movement speed now has a curve, similar to speed (so getting lots of + moves has an increasing
small effect).
Salon install/uninstall has a time and cash cost.
Matrix bugs (a source of too many pills) are rarer and drop pills less often.

Many bugs fixed, notable ones were:

Monsters no longer get only one blow in melee.
Quests in which Banishment would make things unwinnable or too easy are handled correctly.
Dungeon guardians don't appear outside their level.
Printer UI fixed, and some items that shouldn't have been printable now aren't.
(It still might be too powerful, though.)
Rogue-like keyset allows you to look in all directions again.
Monsters that disappeared (but still existed, and reappeared if you save and restore) when a
monster summoned monsters as it died now work.
user.prf can now be used with the new races, classes, extensions and personalities.
Items with no activation effect (such as the security card) can be run - this crashed on 0.1.0.
Firing a gun (but not at a monster) resulted in the bullet falling to the floor - fixed.
The Windows build now has a proper menu bar, and the surplus tile-related entries were removed.

Mike September 28, 2021 22:50

Angband Live
I'd also like to see this on, but I PM'd Gwarl a few weeks ago though and got no reply. Does anyone know what I should be doing to get it going there?

HugoVirtuoso September 28, 2021 23:40

Maybe ask Nick via PM if he can do anything about and verify if Gwarl is the only person who can put games on

Nick September 29, 2021 01:06


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 155573)
Maybe ask Nick via PM if he can do anything about and verify if Gwarl is the only person who can put games on

The only thing I can do is message Gwarl :)

Gwarl September 29, 2021 22:46

It's up :)

Mike September 29, 2021 23:22

Thanks, Gwarl!

Mike September 30, 2021 00:17

Display bug
The Xygos display was messed up (lots of ^G^G^G). I tracked it down to a bug reading the wrong pref files, and I've got a new version up with that fixed at

Please could you update to ""?

...or better, can I ("Mike") be set up as a maintainer, able to post updates myself?

Gwarl October 1, 2021 17:02

I've updated '0.1.1' to the latest code, I'll see if I can configure things to give you an update button in the near future

m0stlym0nk January 3, 2022 01:36

I did a quick visit to town, the first dlvl, and tried a couple town quests. Here's a few minor (mostly name/word/text related) comments. More broadly, however, I'm really intrigued by all the cool stuff I have to learn and play with in Xygos - this looks cool! And, btw - I killed a "yellow light" enemy that exploded in a flash that blinded me on its death. I dig that kind of dynamic!

WORDS: At the Port, a destination ("Bricks Wash") had a description that repeated "famous" a little clunkily. "... is famous for the famous gold mines..."

Words/phrases that don't seem very sci-fi:
  • In the extended character screen, I see Bless as a status. That doesn't seem very science-fictioney.
  • Similarly, I see there is a Disenchantment damage type. This seems non-scifi. What would be a better name for this concept that fits the scifi tone?
  • "Dungeon", which I noticed used somewhere, sounds very, well, D&D. What's a better catchall word for not-town that sounds more sci fi?

SUNDRY: I notice that townies (t) don't move around in town, but a wandering R robot did. Intentional?

UI: Yes/No prompts are inconsistent. Some are the expected [y/n] others [yn]. For example, in the house quest, the initial text of the quest ends with a [yn], but later, when leaving the house quest, I get a proper [y/n] prompt to verify if I want to leave.

PHRASING: The house quest was my first introduction to the shop quest concept. The phrasing of this particular quest left me unclear what hitting "y" was going to do (and what would happen if I failed it).
Similarly, leaving the quest early says "Leaving now will fail your task. Sure?" I don't know what kind of fail I will get - is it permanent? Will I be able to try again?
The "Sure?" is a bit too colloquial, and might be a minor speedbump for some non-native English speakers. Perhaps it should be "Are you sure?"

WORDS: The flavor text names for unidentified stuff keeps tripping me up, as they often are very descriptive! For example, I found a (wand) of darkness that was called Etheric Beamlight unidentified, I believe. Later, I found a stack of cards, unidentified, with the flavor name of RapidSwing (I think they turned out to be detect treasure cards).

Perhaps the flavor bits (TM) used for generated un-id'd names of stuff would benefit from being more techno-babble sounding. Maybe bits of terms used in medicine and physics/technology might be used, e.g. adeno-, -phite, entero-, -udine, -cascode ~~ that kind of thing.

WORDS: The Xygos equivalents of wands, staves, and rods don't seem to consistently have a name for the item type. This leads to a bit of uncertainty for parsing items at a glance (ie, can this item get charges drained, or is it "rod-like"? etc), relying just on the Angband-inherited color coding in lists. What could be some in-world terms for these three classes of items?

BUG?: Not super sure here, but I think I saw that shopkeeps that had a quest available would give me a "Nothing for you to do right now" line on first visit (despite having a quest available). I didn't pick up on this until just after some visits to the final shop to hit as I wandered around town - but I think I did see this.

BUG: Leaving town dungeon to return to town put me at the location previously used for the temp stairs of the shop 1 quest.
After failing the shop 1 quest, I later took the perma town stairs down to dlvl1, and then came right back up to town. On return, my @ was placed at the store 1 quest temp stairs location, instead of the perma town stairs. (There was correctly no temp stairs - they had been removed as expected earlier when I bailed on the shop 1 quest level).

UI: What's a better way to indicate that a quest is complete besides just the easily-missable line in the log? Is it possible to have more than one quest at a time, btw?

Pete Mack January 3, 2022 15:59

EMP is definitely the Scifi equivalent of disenchantment!
Nice description.

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