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PowerWyrm December 24, 2017 12:11

PWMAngband 1.1.12 released
HO HO HO!!! New XMAS release!!!

For those unfamiliar with PWMAngband, it's a multiplayer real-time variant of Angband based on MAngband 1.1.2 with additions from ToME (features from the time it was still called PernAngband, but without the Pern references) and a few personal additions: new races, classes, monsters and items.

This release mainly consists of porting the features from Angband 4.1 and adding a complete new wilderness with optional dungeons and postgame content. A big thanks to the Angband devteam for their awesome work!

See for the downloads (the current MAngband website is still down).

To play on a PWMAngband server or start your own server, download the binaries and unzip the files (client and server are both in the same zip file now). And enjoy!

PowerWyrm December 24, 2017 12:12

Here's the complete changelist since 1.1.11, and it's HUGE. I won't blame you if you don't read it :)

User interface

Angband 4.1.x:

- Add ?? inscription for unknown runes
- Improve player screen object property grid
- Add rune knowledge screen
- Give messages on learning jewelry and ego types
- Remove trap detect edge
- Add shimmer to shimmering monsters
- Add flicker to blink dogs, phase spiders
- Make known to-dam/to-hit values appear when only one rune is learnt
- Remove text screen dumps
- Change monster names to appropriate English case
- Adopt some of James Doyle's suggestions from the forum (flavors)
- Add show_damage support to monster melee attacks
- Switch out 'suicide' for 'kill character'
- Add sound for learning a rune
- Make separate locations for list monsters in and out of los
- Base targeting lines off player belief rather than truth
- Make lava glow
- Add option to display effective speed

MAngband 1.2:

- Add Walls of the World messages
- Add "-v" version output to server


- Remove a few obsolete hints
- Display real damage dice/base armor class if known, otherwise display
damage dice/base armor class from object kind
- Display header in red on the player screen object property grid for
- Add an extra panel for ESP flags on the player screen object property grid
(press 'm' to switch between skills/history, equipment flags and ESP flags)
- Add a debug command allowing creation of traps (Dungeon Master menu)
- Remove generation of item/ego by number (Dungeon Master menu)
- Generate true artifacts by kind + name (Dungeon Master menu)
- Select features by name instead of number (Dungeon Master menu)
- Add 'D' command in stores to describe an item
- Switch around tiles for log and drawbridge
- New ambient sounds for wilderness and deep dungeon levels
- Mention dungeon name when looking at a dungeon entrance
- Mention dungeon name instead of "Dungeon" when displaying the wilderness
metamap while inside a dungeon
- Move amb_senya/amb_xakaze ambient sounds to depths 125/126
- Add ambient sound (amb_melkor) for depth 127
- Remove 8x8, 16x16 and 8x16 tilesets
- Add new titles for conquering the Nether Realm and killing Melkor
- Automatically assign spellbooks tags 1-9 based on sval
- New command: '%' (display current time)
- Add an option ('m') to rest until morning
- Add antimagic field value to the description when inspecting dark swords
- Add list of visited dungeon/town locations to the knowledge screen
- Allow rerolling random artifacts (Dungeon Master menu)

Gameplay changes

Angband 4.1.x:

- Don't notice brands on wield (only notice when hitting a monster susceptible
to the brand)
- Transfer object knowledge on walkover
- Don't learn the flavor of jewelry with obvious properties until all of them
are learned
- Remove IDENTIFY activation
- Remove staves and rods of Identify, scrolls of Identify still exist but are
not sold in the Alchemy Shop anymore
- Remove IDENTIFY_PACK effect (from potions of *Enlightenment*)
- Remove pseudo-id (PWMAngband: remove PSEUDO_ID_IMPROV, make pseudo-id
automatic and immediate on walkover, keep feeling message but remove
feeling inscriptions, simplify quality ignoring)
- Temporarily swap all stats around when hit by nexus in addition to teleporting
- Make dice and ac (runes) known at birth
- Make IDENTIFY effect (scroll + spell) identify an unknown rune on an item
- ID flavored consumables on first use
- Make basic lights and diggers have innate not magical properties
- Make *Slay*s have a random power or base resist
- Learn sustains if their item also boosts the stat
- Identify obvious effects on abort (IDENTIFY, RECHARGE...)
- Make devices that affect monsters require a target to ID
- Make standard body armor to-hit penalties not part of the to-hit rune
- Remove search command and searching status (PWMAngband: 'Toggle search mode'
becomes 'Toggle stealth mode' for Rogues)
- Remove search frequency skill
- Introduce trapsafe status and trap disabling, change trap destruction spells
- Secret doors only inside rooms
- Only set traps in corridors, replace some tunnel junction doors with traps
- Make door detection miss secret doors, generate many fewer secret doors
- Nomad's new template rooms with placed traps
- Split disarm skill to physical and magical
- Add new traps, improving effects where necessary
- Add rubble fall effect
- Allow summon effect to have an added out of depth element
- Change pit behaviour
- Make chests rarer and more valuable
- Add DRAIN_LIGHT effect
- New curses: defined by power (1 = easily breakable, 100 = permanent),
to_a/to_h/to_d values, object flags/modifiers/elements, effect, tval
- New curse system: implement curses as runes, update object info and
description, restore curse removal, allow branding of cursed items, know
curses on wield (instead of pickup), turn cursed egos into curses, replace
OF_TELEPORT with OF_NO_TELEPORT, redo teleportation jewelry as cursed
- Enable fizzix's probability tweaks from 2012
- Allow passable rubble in the dungeon
- Activate new dungeon profiles (modified, moria)
- Activate new room types (moria room, Interesting room, huge room, room of
- Activate new vault types
- Make lava passable and hurt the player
- Allow hot and cold projections to create or destroy lava
- Allow lava to appear in vaults
- Stop monsters from moving into lava, hurt them if they're pushed
- Weight slays and brands by fixed weights, adjust monster feelings
- Make player know all combat runes at birth
- Tone down greater vaults for non-classic profiles
- Adjust slays, brands and modifiers on randarts
- Some improvements to curses on randarts
- Distinguish between ratings for template rooms
- Remove "Find Traps, Doors & Stairs" spell (priest, paladin, summoner)
- Replace "Find Traps, Doors & Stairs" spell by "Detect Stairs" (rogue, ranger)
- Remove trap/door/stair detection from "Detection" spell (paladin)
- Remove trap/door/stair detection from CLAIRVOYANCE and DETECT_ALL activations
- Remove DETECT_TRAP and DETECT_DOORSTAIR activations
- Remove scrolls of Trap Detection and Door/Stair Location
- Remove trap/door/stair detection from potions of *Enlightenment*
- Move objects when lava is created
- Make stone to mud destroy passable rubble
- Reduce the supply of gold, in line with its value in older versions
- Make a hard cap of 6 on non-speed randart mods
- Curse a few randarts
- Adjust class and race searching skills
- Implement basic trap searching
- Add visibility ratings for traps
- Change create traps to radius 3, make created traps and vault traps only
appear one in four times
- Implement 'hold monster' effect (PWMAngband: adapt the existing effect)
- Implement new stunning effect (PWMAngband: adapt the existing effect)
- Implement new 'slow monster' effect
- Implement new 'confuse monster' effect
- Add heal-other monster spell and low-level healer monster
- Increase bonus on rings of Searching
- Adjust mushroom effect times
- New randart set generation algorithm (PWMAngband: keep the item kind)
- Make !g on an object turn off pickup_inven for that object
- Allow monster pathing through passable rubble
- Stop HOLY_ORB destroying cursed items
- Massive buff to probing
- Make donation rules the same as selling rules
- Learn runes of innate properties at birth
- Make vortices resist poison, silver jellies not hurt by light
- Forget destructed and earthquaked terrain
- Make monsters in lava take damage (PWMAngband: extend to all damaging terrain)
- Make group monsters only try to surround the player when in los
- New monster pathfinding
- Change waybread to a flat 20 heal
- Give all traps a 1 in 3 chance of being destroyed when the player hits them
- Tweak modified profile unusual room parameter
- Always give the player some experience for disarming a trap
- Place stairs in safer places (PWMAngband: forbid stairs in vaults, starburst
rooms and rooms of chambers)
- Randomise teleport distances a bit
- Place player more safely
- Make all random breath activations have the same damage
- Make effects and curses unnecessary for IDing jewellery
- Make not obviously aimed flavored items use a random direction if unknown
(except rods)


- Port and adapt object knowledge from Angband: transfer player knowledge
(automatically notice damage dice and base armor class), set ego type if
known, notice artifacts, apply auto-id, "assess" objects, ignore items
eligible for ignoring
- Remove Greater Identify and Knowledge Explosion spells
- Sorcerors learn the Telepathy spell at level 34 (instead of 36)
- Remove scrolls of *Identify*
- Prevent probability travel on grids with items
- Prevent earthquakes placing players and monsters on grids with items
- Rename Identify spell back to Perception for Priests and Paladins
- Give Dungeon Master full knowledge of runes
- Scale physical and magical disarm skill with racial DEX/INT
- Increase digging repeat count from 10 to 20
- Assess jewelry on walkover
- Make unbelievers *suck* at magic devices
- Replace Sense Traps, Doors & Stairs with Spiritual Hammer (Telepath class)
- Allow the Dungeon Master to summon uniques
- Give archers extra shots at level 20 and 40 (instead of 15/30/45)
- Limit extra shots to +1 on Slings of Buckland
- Limit damage power on artifact ammo to +10
- Allow only one of KILL_XXX or SLAY_EVIL on artifact ammo
- Reduce monster saving throw against status effects
- Tweak some artifacts, delete a few, add new ones from TomeNet
- Align blinding effect with new hold/confuse effects
- Use target monster 'sleepiness' value for 'sleep monster' duration
- Make wilderness square-shaped (with radius 43) instead of diamond-shaped
- Make wilderness bordered (by the Walls of the World) instead of circular
- Add new wilderness types (river, deep water, desert, glacier, hill)
- Add new wilderness terrain types (sand, sandwall, ice, ice wall)
- Make wilderness metamap fixed instead of randomly generated, using a
pseudo Middle-Earth map as layout
- Use (modified) Angband-style town layout as base town layout
- Remove the static pre-designed dungeon towns used on no_recall/more_towns
servers every 750ft (while keeping the framework for designing static dungeon
- Generate Angband-style dungeon towns automatically every 1000ft on no_recall
servers (if there is no static pre-designed dungeon town loaded at that depth)
- Generate arenas on WILD_DESERT terrain
- Don't respawn monsters in town suburbs
- Allow special manually-designed levels/towns in the wilderness
- Split starting town (starting point for non-ironman level 1 characters) and
base town (containing the main Angband dungeon) into two separate towns,
rename them Hobbiton and Carn Dûm and place them at their real location
on the pseudo Middle-Earth map
- Remove WILD_GRASS restriction for town suburbs, allow houses on waste and
glacier terrains
- Set monster/object level depending on wilderness level and distance from towns
- Prohibit stone to mud effect in towns
- Add towns of Bree, Lothlorien, Minas Anor, Umbar and Gondolin
- Close shop doors if someone is already in the shop in another town
- Make Farmer Maggot only appear in Hobbiton
- Add "The Orc Cave" (depth 500' to 1150') with Azog, King of the Uruk-Hai as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Old Forest" (depth 650' to 1250') with Old Man Willow as dungeon boss
- Add "The Sandworm Lair" (depth 1100' to 1500') with The Sandworm Queen as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Land Of Rhûn" (depth 1000' to 1700') with Ulfang the Black as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Barrow-downs" (depth 50' to 1750') with The Wight-King of the
Barrow-downs as dungeon boss
- Add "The Maze" (depth 1250' to 2000') with The Minotaur of the Labyrinth as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Heart of the Earth" (depth 1250' to 2250') with Golgarach, the
Living Rock as dungeon boss
- Add "The Small Water Cave" (depth 1600' to 2250') with The Watcher in the
Water as dungeon boss
- Add "The Helcaraxe" (depth 1000' to 2500') with The White Balrog as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Mines of Moria" (depth 1500' to 2500') with The Balrog of Moria as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Illusory Castle" (depth 1750' to 2600') with The Glass Golem as
dungeon boss
- Add "Cirith Ungol" (depth 1250' to 2750') with Shelob, Spider of Darkness as
dungeon boss
- Add "Númenor" (depth 1750' to 2750') with Ar-Pharazôn the Golden as
dungeon boss
- Add "Mirkwood" (depth 550' to 3200') with Radagast the Brown as dungeon boss
- Add "Mordor" (depth 1700' to 3250') with The Mouth of Sauron as dungeon boss
- Add "Erebor" (depth 2900' to 3500') with Glaurung, Father of the Dragons as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Sacred Land Of Mountains" (depth 2250' to 3600') with Trone, the
Rebel Thunderlord as dungeon boss
- Add "Dol Guldur" (depth 2850' to 3750') with The Necromancer of Dol Guldur as
dungeon boss
- Add "The Paths of the Dead" (depth 2000' to 3850') with Feagwath, the
Undead Sorcerer as dungeon boss
- Add "Mount Doom" (depth 4200' to 4900') with The Balrog of the Sammath Naur as
dungeon boss
- Move Tik'srvzllat to level 124 of Angband
- Add "The Nether Realm" (depth 5050' to 6300') with Xakaze, Father of
Abominations as dungeon boss
- Move Senyakaze, Sorceress of the Nether Realm to level 125 of The Nether Realm
- Remove Senyakaze/Xakaze from the list of questors, making them optional kills
- Add "Utumno, Portal to the Void" (depth 5100' to 6350') with Melkor, Lord of
Darkness as dungeon boss
- Make last four uniques fixed encounters always appearing on their base depth
- Allow force-location monsters to appear in the main Angband dungeon on
no-recall/no wilderness servers
- Restrict The Nether Realm and Utumno, Portal to the Void to winners
- Merge NO_RECALL and TOWN_WALL server options into DIVING_MODE (0 = normal
mode, 1 = no wilderness, 2 = no recall)
- Implement the Home (in Carn Dûm) for every player on no-wilderness servers
- New special level "The Brandywine Bridge" with Otho and Lobelia
Sackville-Baggins as fixed encounters
- Add BASEANGBAND monsters from ToME/TomeNET, remove some non-BASEANGBAND ones
- Make Melkor the final battle (auto retire)
- Make Senyakaze, Sorceress of the Nether Realm an Ainu
- Add "The Training Cave" (depth 50' to 100') in Hobbiton
- Add monster themes to dungeons
- Add dungeon flags to generate themed dungeon levels
- Add feature themes to dungeons
- New terrain: ash (floor tile), nether mist (floor tile, damaging),
dark wall (wall), web (passable, diggable), void (floor tile),
glass wall (permanent wall), illusion wall (fake wall)
- Add scroll of Wilderness Mapping which reveals the location of a random
wilderness area
- Allow players in undead form to inscribe/uninscribe carried items
- Cap anti-magic and anti-summoning at 90%
- Minor changes to randarts (AC, to-hit and to-dam)
- Forbid enchantments (to-hit, to-dam, to-ac) on dark swords
- Allow Raise Dead to raise ice skeletons from elven bones and give a chance
to get skull drujs from skulls
- Allow cursed objects with positive value to be sold in shops
- Remove HOLD_LIFE from Morgul weapons and from Mormegil
- Remove slay undead from Morgul weapons
- Change Feather Falling to Levitation (makes falls painless + prevents
- Add LEVITATE flag to allow (mainly flying) monsters to cross water
- Make antimagic a modifier instead of a flag, cap its value at +4 (40% field)
- Give all randart weapons a chance to get an antimagic field
- Add mana resistance to randart Crystal DSMs
- Give a chance to get dracoliches when using Raise Dead on dragon corpses
- Make controlled monsters more likely to react to new orders
- Make ancient wyrms rarer
- Add ABOMINATION flag (crawling masses of primal chaos)
- Add S_ABOMINATION spell (Xakaze)
- Add S_SPIRIT spell (Melkor)
- Allow ESP undead to detect ghost players
- Reduce stat boosts on the Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth to +50
- Tweak base depth of some postgame monsters
- Restrict nether vortices and crawling masses of primal chaos to the Nether
- Add new abominations: chaos mutant, vlodblad and blood lurcher
- Don't give the Dungeon Master full flavor knowledge at birth to allow
generation of unaware items
- Allow '*' to specify a rod when generating an item with the Dungeon Master

Bugs fixed

Angband 4.1.x:

- Make dwarf gold detection more update-efficient
- Fix 'dependant' typo
- Fix randart weapons having both supercharged AC and normal AC
- Register monster resistance to known brands and slays
- Stop infinite loops in scatter()
- Fix hit chance in monster lore
- Amend interesting room Hourglass
- Fix laxity in scatter(), find_nearby_grid(), and vault_monsters()
- Bounds checking and other fixes in dungeon generation
- Stop ID info leaking when inspecting
- Forget los-blocking grids between player and monster they can see
- Allow chests to be specifically generated in vaults
- Don't count timed effects as damage in nonhp_dam()
- Fix quiver header
- Fix a buffer overflow
- Fix some memory leaks
- Stopped reporting "Radius 1 light" for non-lights
- Stop monster status info when blind
- Update view correctly after darkening a room
- Prevent conflict between object flags and curses
- Fix ART_TAG stuff for plurals


- Learn the ego when branding an item, not the brand itself
- Display temporary effect (resistance, ESP) with a light green '!' on the
player screen object property grid instead of using the green header which is
reserved for immunity
- Fix typo that prevented displaying temporary resistance to cold on the player
screen object property grid (temporary resistance to fire was displayed twice)
- Make sure the object still exists when ignoring an object from the ignore menu
to avoid crashing the client (corpses may have decomposed, ...)
- Display "It can be aimed" for all unaware rods
- Update quiver count when dropping a partial stack of missiles
- Don't draw breath effect over the breather
- Fix "resist acid" element/rune learned when hit by a Darkness spell
- Take a turn if device/spell failed due to antimagic field
- Fix incorrect frequency for immunities leading to them appearing too often on
- Fix some memset declarations
- Fix crash when trying to generate creeping coins in the wilderness
- Display wilderness coordinates properly at the bottom right of the wilderness
minimap, fixing a crash in the process if the size of the minimap was too big
- Add missing town wall tile mappings
- Re-introduce tunneling ability for randart weapons
- Fix monster summoning (Dungeon Master menu)
- Fix mowing down trees in town not decreasing the trees_in_town counter
- Fix color of light slate monsters
- Fix weight of unbelievers, remove weight for Emperor Mimic
- Don't add stealth to players polymorphed into a race with no base weight
- Fix some TOWN_WALL (no wilderness) issues
- Don't count held monsters for players' time bubble
- Fix paralyzing melee attacks not holding players/monsters
- Fix sound effects not activated in the Win and SDL clients
- Fix some string_append() copy/paste errors
- Fix crash in manual vault creation
- Fix ethereal hounds never trying to swarm the player
- Fix display of store entries
- Save all SQUARE_ dungeon flags in savefiles, fixing level feelings
- Use singular when displaying the activation message for a stack of rods
- Fix "It (offscreen) disappears" message when teleporting a monster away
- Don't make teleport other sound twice when teleporting a monster away
- Remove old code displaying garbled entries at the beginning of the character
- Don't report "Cannot be refueled" for unknown lamps
- Allow selling cursed artifacts
- Fix Raise Dead spell
- Remove reference to obsolete monster index in monster.txt
- Fix experience earned by killing Atlas, the Titan
- Fix crash when monster tries to create traps in MvM mode
- Ensure that Raise Dead generates an undead monster consistent with the corpse
- Fix typo in description of potions of life
- Fix description of objects with random effects
- Fix placement of rubble and traps in turn-based mode
- Make Mirrored script "B"s vault centered
- Don't allow antimagic field from monsters to disrupt other monsters' spells
- Fix client hanging when the metaserver is reachable but not responding

Coding changes

Angband 4.1.x:

- Rename obj-identify module to obj-knowledge
- Add rune module
- Handle non-magical object properties with flags
- Warning cleanup
- Remove special trap effects, make traps use other effects
- Add DUNGEON_LEVEL to effect expressions
- Split aggravate effect into wake and haste
- Rewrite drop_near()
- Nuke forget_view and PU_FORGET_VIEW
- Remove unnecessary screen updates in detection effects
- Various refactorings
- Fix memory leaks
- Add list-randart-properties.h
- Refactor obj-randart
- Move monster blow methods to a data file
- Move much of list-player-timed.h to player_timed.txt
- Move monster blow effects to blow_effects.txt
- Make monster lookup case-insensitive
- Excise mon-power
- Split object data file reading into obj-init.c
- Replace linked lists of curses with arrays
- Parse slays from slay.txt
- Remove the slay cache
- Replace linked lists of slays with arrays
- Parse brands from brand.txt
- Replace linked lists of brands with arrays
- Remove monster power and scaled_power
- Move magic realms to realm.txt
- Tidy up some parser errors
- Include spell power, use it instead of monster level
- Replace origin_xtra with origin_race (struct monster_race)
- Remove indices from (many) text files
- Replace indices with strings in savefiles (PWMAngband: keep indices
by default, use a #define to switch to strings)
- Put monster spell lore colours into monster_spell.txt
- Put monster blow lore colours into blow_effects.txt
- Implement monster flag types
- Use monster flag types to write lore abilities
- Use monster spell types to write lore spell descriptions
- Use monster flag types in monster type descriptions
- Put element/projection info into projection.txt
- Parse object power calculations from object_power.txt
- Parse object properties from object_property.txt
- Use new object power calculations
- Move higher level parsing functions to datafile.c
- Move artifact light activations to the object kind
- Stop handling special artifacts separately for randarts
- Re-order artifact.txt and ego_item.txt to match the ordering in object.txt
- Thorough refactor of mon-timed.c
- Add NO_SLEEP/STUN/etc flags to monsters that previously had them inferred from
spell flags
- Refactor of project-mon.c
- Add new NO_HOLD flag for monsters immune to holding
- Implement variable slot sizes by item base
- Enable two levels of monster spell message
- Expand info and power lines in monster.txt
- Rename aaf/vision to hearing, alertness to sleepiness
- Move distance/direction arrays to cave.c
- Reorganise mon-move.c
- Add mon-predicate
- Move rd_artifacts() to after rd_misc()
- Remove drop-artifact from monsters and drop the Morgoth artifacts directly
- Write error diagnosis file on object pile error
- Generalise lava damage to damaging terrain
- Improve ranged_helper()
- Make a list of grids to pick a teleport location from
- Remove (unused) monster spell power
- Clarify door opening and bashing logic
- Re-create missing mimicked objects on savefile load
- Add struct connector for joining levels (adapted for PWMAngband)
- Enforce minimum level sizes for persistent levels (adapted for PWMAngband)
- Change to main-gcu.c

MAngband 1.2:

- Improve console command handling


- Remove OF_ESP_POWER (use ESP flags directly)
- Refactor project_m_is_threat using projection.txt
- Make "returning" an object flag, replacing the corresponding object kind flag
- Add some sanity checks on server options (mangband.cfg)
- Reorganize player store feature order to match regular store features
- Use a long integer for monster HPs instead of a short integer
- Refactor flavored death message code
- Parse wilderness terrain information from wild_feat.txt
- Parse wilderness metamap from wild_info.txt
- Make wilderness level info array bidimensional
- Reorganize wilderness.c
- Replace "depth" with "struct worldpos" containing both depth and wilderness
coordinates ("player", "player_death_info, "monster", "object", "chunk",
"arena_type", "house_type" and "wild_type" structures)
- Set depth to 0 when on the wilderness surface
- Move "chunk_list" and "players_on_depth" arrays to "struct wild_type"
- Replace "recall_depth" with "struct worldpos", parsing "@Rx,y" inscription to
recall to a specific wilderness level
- Add two "struct town" for starting town and base town
- Use an array of "struct town" for towns
- Parse town features from town_feat.txt
- Parse town names and coordinates from town.txt
- Parse layout of Bree from town_bree.txt
- Parse layout of Lothlorien from town_lothlorien.txt
- Parse layout of Minas Anor from town_minas_anor.txt
- Add a system to restrict monster creation to certain locations
- Parse dungeon names and coordinates from dungeon.txt
- Don't keep towns allocated if they don't have players or owned houses
- Remap 32x32 and 48x64 tilesets to match the 64x64 tileset
- Add min depth to dungeons, only allocate max_depth - min_depth cave chunks per
- Simplify the time bubble code and add time scaling in town
- Reorder monster.txt for the last three dungeons
- Don't send extra info in the reply when the server refuses a client connection
- Check status error immediately when the client tries to contact a server and
return "not a PWMAngband server" for unknown errors
- Refactor object_xtra structure, splitting activation and aiming flags


Angband 4.1.x:

- Fixed spelling errors in help
- Document trap.txt
- Add documentation of new status effects
- Fix some typos in user manual
- Update help files


- Reorganize setup.bat a bit
- Move angband.css to the manual generation directory, generate PDF and HTML
manuals in the root directory
- Simplify the readme.7z archive


- ZLIB upgraded to version 1.2.11
- LIBPNG upgraded to version 1.6.32
- FREETYPE upgraded to version 2.8.1
- PYTHON upgraded to 32-bit version 2.7.14
- NOTEYE upgraded to version 8.4

PowerWyrm January 3, 2018 10:29

I've decided to nerf artifact ammo once and for all... it has been overpowered since day one, and all the nerfs added since didn't fix the problem at all. I'll release a build 2 with that change, which means breaking savefile compatibility, so anyone playing build 1 chars should finish them first before upgrading.

Acenoid January 4, 2018 01:46

Wow nice shiney new version to download :D

Oh one change caught my eye:
- Remove staves and rods of Identify, scrolls of Identify still exist but are
not sold in the Alchemy Shop anymore

Can I somehow keep them when playing? Can this be done via editing of the item files or are they gone forever?

Derakon January 4, 2018 03:22


Originally Posted by Acenoid (Post 127262)
Oh one change caught my eye:
- Remove staves and rods of Identify, scrolls of Identify still exist but are
not sold in the Alchemy Shop anymore

If you haven't played Angband / PWMAngband in awhile, the ID system has been overhauled. Consumables ID on use; on equipment, you don't ID each individual item you find, but rather the attributes ("runes") of the items -- so once you identify the Resist Fire rune, you'll recognize it on all future items. Consequently you don't need to identify anywhere near as many items as previously.

PowerWyrm January 6, 2018 14:14

New PWMAngband 1.1.12 build 2 released!

Artifact ammo nerf (breaks savefile compatibility). List of changes:

- LIBPNG upgraded to version 1.6.34
- Make normal mithril shots +0 +0
- Add two new brands: stunning and cutting (x1 multiplier)
- Add cutting brand to Shurikens
- Remove tohit and todam from artifact ammo, tweak some of their brands

Files updated: client, server and source code.
Files are available for download at the usual location:

Acenoid January 8, 2018 22:03


Originally Posted by Derakon (Post 127264)
If you haven't played Angband / PWMAngband in awhile, the ID system has been overhauled. Consumables ID on use; on equipment, you don't ID each individual item you find, but rather the attributes ("runes") of the items -- so once you identify the Resist Fire rune, you'll recognize it on all future items. Consequently you don't need to identify anywhere near as many items as previously.

Thank you for the clarification!

Acenoid January 8, 2018 22:05

Suggestion for a future version: How about very rare items that are able to teleport the player to a certain dungeon - Either to level 1 or the town? But not next to the stairs ;)

Or add a shop that adds those flying griffons that can be used to fly directly to a location of choice for a hefty price :)

PowerWyrm January 9, 2018 10:26


Originally Posted by Acenoid (Post 127351)
Suggestion for a future version: How about very rare items that are able to teleport the player to a certain dungeon - Either to level 1 or the town? But not next to the stairs ;)

Or add a shop that adds those flying griffons that can be used to fly directly to a location of choice for a hefty price :)

You know you can inscribe your WoR for that right? @R-17,30 to recall to location at coordinates (-17,30). Of course, you need to go there once, or be lucky to get a scroll of wilderness mapping with the coordinates.

PowerWyrm January 9, 2018 10:33

Pfft... I didn't implement the stun/cut brands properly, so they do nothing in build 2. I'll release a build 3 then...

The other brand that inflicts an ailment (poison) has multipliers of x2 and x3, so I'll probably add a STUN_2 and CUT_2 with a x2 multiplier for stunning and cutting and use them for artifacts (the x1 brands will be reserved for normal items like shurikens)

I'll probably also change wilderness mapping to map a small area around the picked coordinates (a 3x3 area would be fine) to make the scrolls more useful. And increase the allocation rate.

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