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Grotug March 19, 2021 23:18

I still find it somewhat fun/rewarding trying to figure out which ring is a Free Action among other runes, such as worrying whether or not I have disenchant or rPois on a new artifact/elvenkind; but I have more or less cracked it at this point. It can be kind of annoying lugging around weapons and trying them on the right types of monsters, though, especially when orcs are still dangerous, in which case learning slay evil is risky business (although I keep forgetting you can *throw* weapons at monsters to learn their runes!) Yeah, for me the rune-mini game is still fun.

Pete Mack March 20, 2021 00:13

FA, isn't *that* hard to figure out. All it takes is a -1 (or -2) speed amulet and a homunculous. Or boots. There are effectively only two tests for unknown boots: jumping in a pit, or getting hit by a minor paralyzer.

Mondkalb March 20, 2021 11:45

Also: Potions of sleep. I really shouldn't set those on ignore. ^^

Sphara March 20, 2021 14:10

Also: anything with SLOW spell can id FrAct.

Pete Mack March 20, 2021 16:29

Sure. But you need to wait around for it to cast the spell. Letting a u take a shot is easier. Sometimes I change th color on paralyzing traps till I ID FA.

archolewa March 20, 2021 19:46


Originally Posted by Mondkalb (Post 152007)
Also: Potions of sleep. I really shouldn't set those on ignore. ^^

This is actually something I appreciated about rune identification without the town. All of those "bad" potions now had a use. Especially sleep. Paralyzed by humonculus (or carrion crawler) has killed enough of my characters that I really wouldnt want to find out the hard way.

Didnt appreciate it enough to keep using rune ID, but you know. Just one of several ways I found the game improved without a town.

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