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Gwarl December 1, 2019 15:37

Comp 227
From the foul arts of necromancy this time we'll be playing a sturdy, durable, effective paladin armed with truth and justice.

wobbly December 1, 2019 15:58

What race? Comp page still says High-elf necromancer

Gwarl December 1, 2019 16:06


Human Paladin

DavidMedley December 5, 2019 15:10

Paladin Spells Spreadsheet
All Paladin spells (and other things) are in this public spreadsheet

Gwarl December 11, 2019 13:03

I've given a three day extension to the competition to give people a better chance of killing Morgoth. One week today.

DavidMedley December 12, 2019 17:26

Wow. A lot of red on the competition ladder!

Ingwe Ingweron December 13, 2019 09:25

Yeah, so much for paladins being sturdy, durable, and effective.

wobbly December 13, 2019 09:34

Human is a bit of a hard pick for the paladin in my opinion. You're noisy as all heck without the brutish melee a bigger race has. I even prefer elf for paladin, that little bit better with a shooter and more able to overcome stealth issues through the right gear.

Gwarl December 14, 2019 14:08

Added another two days. We have several living @'s still competing and none of them look quite like Morgoth killers yet. No more extensions if the current crop of @'s dies off.

Sphara December 14, 2019 14:47

Ah, ***k it. I'll give it another go with ironman setting.

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