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dos350 April 27, 2012 18:21

angband 3.4 plx no spaghetti
i heard maybe some changes 4 3.4 tell me

treasure dtect?

anything else?

all i can say is please dont u dare ruin angband u were lucky 2 not hav done so since 3.12v2 , gl 4 release and keep diving!!!

Philip April 27, 2012 18:44
HAHAHAAA! The spaghetti will kill the dos and there will be peace on oook!

Shockbolt April 27, 2012 18:49 will be ruined by officially introducing 64x64 tiles :p

Derakon April 27, 2012 18:58

Let's the top of my head:

1) When you generate a character, 10 artifacts are chosen at random from the artifact list. Those are the only artifacts that can be generated for that character. This improves challenge, and increases variation across games by ensuring that people don't always have the same endgame kit.

2) Clairvoyance, enlightenment, the Arkenstone, etc. are gone. They encouraged scumming too much. We don't want the optimal play to be boring, after all.

3) The priest spell Orb of Draining was overpowered, so it was modified to heal non-evil monsters instead of hurt them. Priests can make up the lost damage through magic devices or by focusing more on melee.

4) Likewise, the spells Banish Evil, Banishment, Mass Banishment, and Word of Destruction are all gone. What's the point of having monsters around if the player can just wave a hand and make them go away?

5) Speed is now capped at +30 for the player (monsters are capped at +40), and speed items have been made even more rare.

6) We're working on a new combat system that keeps the blows calculation from old-style combat, the deadliness/accuracy system from O-style combat, and the finesse and prowess multipliers from v4-style combat. Why? Because! It still has a few kinks in it, but heck, we're throwing it in anyway. :)

Malak Darkhunter April 27, 2012 20:26

Please~no rage:-[ eeeeeeeeee.!

fizzix April 27, 2012 21:40

There are unlikely to be any further changes to gameplay than what's currently in 3.4 (with on exception, see below). If anything happens it's likely to be very minor, (i.e. tweaks to item allocation that you probably wouldn't notice unless you've memorized the edit files.) Now that being said, there are some gameplay changes in 3.4, and I can discuss them if you want.

If you're interested in seeing what's in 3.4, check out the nightlies. If you're really interested, you can look at changes.txt and get a detailed look at what's changed. I'm very interested in feedback, and I'm sure other members of the dev team are. All opinions will be considered, but it's not possible that we will be able to satisfy all of them.

The exception is we might try to put in the additional flavored rooms that nomad and Gabe made for v4.

dos350 April 27, 2012 21:57

Rofl!!!!!!!!!!!! Uv oficially ruined angband thanks all!

Malak Darkhunter April 28, 2012 02:51

You do realize you can play whatever version you like best don't you? Theirs even an angband 3.0.6 dos version since you like dos. Or edit your own copy however you see fit, its actually pretty easy you know, call it

Please no rage~eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

dos350 April 28, 2012 09:21

i can i know

but the game shouldnt b made worse imo

new players 2 angband will come in and see a game which isnt as good as wat i saw when i started, soz 4 that info

and the tiles are not relevant!! idk who would play with tiles and who would think 2 change PLAY to accomodate tiles rofl, u cant see more than like 12 on screen i dont see the point

ruin detection, priest and speed, also 10 artifacts lol

software regression soz 4 pointing this out

Shockbolt April 28, 2012 10:26

12 tiles? not all of us are playing Angband on a nokia 3310 you know ;)

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