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Fenrir December 11, 2008 19:21

Fenrir's Thread
A recent NetHack-winner ventures into the true merciless territory of Angband...

The first twenty-or-so attempts are not pretty... but after much dying, Fenrir stops playing half troll warriors and tries out rangers.

The second ranger attempt, a human ranger, is currently doing very well:

-- Bullroarer dropped some artifact gauntlets. (Pauraegen)

-- Smeagol dropped some artifact gauntlets. (Paurhach)

-- Got a defender weapon.

-- Found the metal cap of Thengel.

-- Found the phial.

-- Found boots of speed (+6)

So Fenrir is currently running around '2100, at level 32 and with nearly everything maxed.

Nile December 11, 2008 19:25

Boots of speed are very rare - you are fortunate! Make sure to get poison resist, if you don't have it already.

Bandobras December 11, 2008 19:37

Hmm, a ranger? And you don't mention your beloved bow? Ha, those humans, no appreciation for woodcraft...

Fenrir December 11, 2008 20:37

Oh yes, I had forgotten!

-- Got a superb feeling and found Green dragon scale mail.

Got free action via the ring, also.

My bow is +9 +9 and an unique dwarf almost made me scream when he disenchanted it all the way back to +3 when I was careless :mad:

I now understand why everyone hates the hounds. It has happened to me 983246 times in this same game that I go down the > and there's a huge pack of inertia/gravity hounds that attacks me in the first turn and get me down to 4 hp before I get a move.

But I plain just _refuse_ to get any more "It breathes. You die." :) Yay for teleport staves and levelport scrolls!

Zikke December 11, 2008 20:41

Nick made FA so that the player always gets the first turn when going up or down stairs. That's a feature that, in my opinion, should be implemented in V.

Fenrir December 12, 2008 13:50

Getting the first turn would really decrease the number of "it breathes. You die" :D

-- A troll dropped a suspicious 2d4 dagger, turned out ot be Nimthanc.

-- Found another suspicious 2d4 dagger in the next level.

I'd get two blows with any of these, but I can't change my defender weapon, I need all these resists.

-- Found elvenkind armor.

Still not willing to swap my green dragon scale mail due to poison res.

The defender weapon's resist turned out to be paralysis, so I left my ring at home. I wish I hadn't sold that ring of accuracy! I just can't seem to hit anything anymore (even though my arrows are +7 to hit).

A big scare with a demonologist who summoned a death quasit that summoned vroks and then erynis and so on. I teleported and landed right in front of medusa, who immediately surrounded me with hydras and had to levelport out of there with minimal hp.

A gray 'e' disenchanted my bow again. :mad: Also, there was another big scare with a master dread and a room full of dreads and a shade and patriarch. Aren't 'G's detected with detect monsters? I will need to carry a staff of detect evil after that...

Got a superb feeling, and there was a huge, HUGE, vault full of Wyrms of Power. I thought I had a chance to snatch that black dragon scale mail and the longbow before something killed me (with the help of my three wands of teleport away), but I couldn't even get inside the vault to start with!

Thinking about it, it was good I couldn't get inside of that vault. Even though believe me, I tried.

PowerDiver December 12, 2008 18:22


Originally Posted by Fenrir (Post 12159)
The defender weapon's resist turned out to be paralysis

Defenders always resist paralysis among other abilities. The "hidden power" on a defender is a random sustain.

Nile December 12, 2008 21:16


Originally Posted by Fenrir (Post 12159)
Aren't 'G's detected with detect monsters? I will need to carry a staff of detect evil after that...

'G's are invisible, so you will need to use detect invisible to see them (third book, spell g). Always mcg after mab.

Zikke December 13, 2008 00:15


Originally Posted by Nile (Post 12176)
Always mcg after mab.

Sounds like a good T-shirt ^_^

Donald Jonker December 13, 2008 00:41


Originally Posted by Zikke (Post 12178)
Sounds like a good T-shirt ^_^

...with obscure shakespearean/shellyan overtones :P

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