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Pete Mack July 11, 2018 16:34

Where do the Sil plant names come from?
According to the only list of Middle Earth plants, the only named ramble plant is Aeglos, or snow-thorn (which to be sure would fit in with the ones in Sil.)

wobbly July 11, 2018 23:15

Do you mean tangle-thorn, mad-thorn & night-thorn? Pretty sure they are just names Half & Scatha used for things they couldn't find names for from the literature. The flavor text for tangle-thorn is from Mordor in return of the kings. Mad-thorn is a reskined brown mold & night-thorn a reskined shadow mold, just like whispering shadows are the last surviving worm mass. The wall eating worm masses used to be a nightmare for a smith when they were still in. Twisted bat is the old violet mold perhaps? Works better as a birdy. Could be misrenembering but I don't think it's in the 1st version

Pete Mack July 11, 2018 23:33

Yes. I had figured tanglethorn as a reasonable name for

Upon its outer marches under the westward mountains Mordor was a dying land, but it was not yet dead. And here things still grew, harsh, twisted, bitter, struggling for life. ... and everywhere great writhing, tangled brambles sprawled. Some had long stabbing thorns, some hooked barbs that rent like knives.
I was curious if there was a specific correspondence for the other two in Tolkien, and not simply a more satisfactory genus than molds or jellies.

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