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ranger jeff April 1, 2016 21:41

having trouble playing NPP 8
Thought I'd give 8.0.4 a spin, not having played NPP since 7.1, and it's fair to say a bit has changed...

So, apparently most of the commands have changed... Can't 'a'im a wand, 'q'uaff a potion, 'g'et an object on the floor. '?' only pulls up a table of commands, and on it '+' is listed as the way to pick up items, but it doesn't work, it tries to tunnel. So to pick up items I need to leave the option turned on. What am I doing wrong here?

And targeting I can't figure out. Is there an explanation somewhere of how it works? I'd rather not have to click several times with my mouse each time... I mean, I don't need to use a mouse, do it?

nppangband May 1, 2016 01:17

Sorry I missed this post.

There are three sets of command keys. Go to Setting->Choose Keyset and you can select the classic Angband key commands.

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