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ranger jeff May 8, 2016 03:56

So, I was just looking over the previous comps (yes, yes, being a little proud to have achieved my 7th win, though many in comps with low participation I'll admit) when I realized something amazing.

Most multiple winners span 4-5 years of participation max. ewan, the winningest comp contender included (where'd he go, anyways?)

murphy, next winningest with 9 wins, has been winning from 2004-2015!! but, where is he now??

Granted, I'm here now because roguelikes attract a certain kind of person. My dad while working for NCR brought home a copy of Hack a friend had given him back in 1982 or so. Your lamp goes out, it's dark, you're eaten by a grue. Familiar, anybody? It took me until college and the internet to find roguelikes again, and I've been a sucker for *bands since 1995 or so now. Don't think I'll ever quit.

Nick May 8, 2016 09:54

murphy's record.

Note that one of those is current, and in fact as I type is on the front page of oook.

nppangband May 8, 2016 12:03

Murphy is still an active *band player. He is quite active on the NPP forums. He is usually posting bug reports within hours or days of a beta release. He plays and posts a winner for every NPP comp as well.

I can't speak to his activity of all of the other *bands, though.

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