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Thraalbee April 13, 2019 17:32

Suggestion for Rangers (repost from master-post thread)
Suggestions for Rangers, currently lacking imo
I liked the nerf of rangers when it came. Competed an ironman run soon after and it felt quite balanced. However with then new nerfed (NOT!) monster and spell list I'm not all that happy. Basically (ironman) I need to carry three launchers and three sets of ammo (max 40 per stack) to be effectively a Ranger. But then there is no room for devices which doesnt help and I get slow. Mostly I just end up with an inventory quarter full of useless stacks of ammo (waiting for a decent launcher) and meleeing the crap out of most foes. Not that the ranger is bad at melee and the stealth sure helps. Its just it feels like a rogue, not a ranger. Also, the spellboks are useful but a bit boring.

Some ideas of spells that would help (we may have to work on the names)

* Early Spell "The big Short" that improves your short bow efficiency in an interesting way, e.g.
Allow the bow to shoot also iron shots and pebbles
Increase to-hit with a decent number, not sure what is decent but thinking a fixed value of at least +20 since this is mostly useful early on

* Early Spell "The Silence of Lambs" that improves your short bow efficiency in an interesting way, e.g.
Increase your stealth by at least +3 while a short bow is equipped until the next melee attack or it times out

* Later Spell "Thé OooLong" that improves your long bow efficiency in an interesting way, e.g.
Allow the bow to shoot also bolts
Decrease chance for ammo to break

* Mid level Spell "Shoot 'n scoot"
Charges the short/longbow with a phase door to immediately follow the next shot

* Another possible early Spell is the "22 bullets", useful if above is not implemented
Converts any ammo to what your current launcher needs. Decent chance of converting slays e.g. (35 + level)% and e.g. (50 + level)% of to-hit and to-dam.

Pete Mack April 13, 2019 18:08

For rogue, Biggest changes since 4.1.2 are not haste self, which i thought i would miss more, but resistance spells which i miss desperately and branding, which i also miss badly.
The former means you need more archery, and the latter means you can't use it.
I also miss recharge spell, but that can be fixed by modifying tbe power curve of Recharge I. Say, 25+ (dl-25)*3

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