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nppangband February 16, 2013 17:02

[Announce} NPPAngband 6.1.0
The final NPPAngband 6.1.0 has been released. This is mostly a bugfix & minor tweak version with a couple key new features:

*The sidebar now automatically displays health/mana information for as many visible monsters that can fit. You can also use the mouse to display the monster memory by clickign on the monster sidebar information, and in targeting mode you can select that monster as a target the same way.
*Revised the sleep spell so it may be useful. Fully healthy monsters now get a full sleep counter, as if they were just created. Wounded or regenerating mosters will only stay asleep for a couple turns.
*Wilderness quests were broken (much too hard), and should be playable now.
*Revised combat calculations, in that the slay/brand/critical hit multipliers now multiply the damage dice before calculations rather than multiplying the total damage after calculations.
**Much more detailed information when inspecting a weapon, bow/crossbos/sling, or bolts/arrows/pebbles.

The complete changelist is below:

The links are:

Souce Code:

Windows Binary:

Mac Binary:

Github respository:

New Sidebar Screenshot:

nppangband February 16, 2013 17:04

Complete NPP 6.1.0 Changelist:

Special artifacts are no longer offered as quest rewards.
Increase the potential bonus from deferred rewards by 50%.
Added help file descriptions for the new quest rewards.
Adjusted Ancient blue, green, and white dragons to 65 spellower (down from 100).
Added more appropriate messages for when breathing monsters use beam attacks.
The object selection menu now includes object weight.
verify_leave_quest now verifies before casting word of recall spell on quest level.
change default setting for some options.
Revised the scale for guild reputation and player titles based on new quest system.
Helpfiles now specify that poison resistance prevents the player from getting poisoned.
Various tweaks to wilderness and labyrinth quests.
Changed rarity of scrolls of summon unique from 8 to 4.
Revised combat - slays/weapon branding now increases the amount of damage dice
before damage calculation rather than multiplying the damage afterwards.
Slightly revised calculations for critical hits, throwing and shooting.
Much more detailed descriptions of weapon damage when (I)nspected.
Unusual terrains now only appear on 25% of the regular dungeon levels.
The hp/mana information appears on the sidebar for multiple monsters if there is room.
The monster name now appears on the sidebar.
Clicking on the monster name on the sidebar brings up the monster race information.
Player can taret a monster by clicking on the sidebar while attacking or casting.
In the bookshop, readable books will always come first.
Added Cameron Browne as a permanent player ghost template.
Artifacts examined as potential quest rewards are now *identified* when later found in the dungeon.
Made the sleep spells much more effective (hopefully).
Monsters woken up from physical attacks take a half-turn to fully wake up.
Redid of stealing system, eliminated the counter that hasted the entire dungeon.
Bugfix: Typos on the mage darkness storm name and plasma bolt spell short description.
BUgfix: The druid spell elemental weapon only lasted for 5 turns.
Bugfix: The guild sometimes offered dungeon spellbooks the player has used before.
Bugfix: Objects created and rejected as potential guild rewards still counted towards the total rewards offered.
Bugfix: Removed obsolete reference to old store inventory system.
Bugfix: The guild sometimes overwrite bookstore inventory when generating rewards for players
with a very high flayer fame, causing the game to crash when the bookshop inventory was shuffled.
Bugfix: Fix inconcistencies of telling players about objects theyare not aware of yet.
Bugfix: Unidentified flavored special artifacts were not dislaying thier flavors.
Bugfix: The game sometimes set up a quest below max depth (6400').
Bugfix: Monster messages were sometimes coming in the wrong order (The monster attacks you. The monster wakes up.)
Bugfix: Fix multiple grammar issues of spells being described as "casts spells which cast....".
Bugfix: A shopkeeper's race was describes as "Dundan".
Bugfix: Fixed typos in the brigand and rogue descriptions in te helpfiles.
Bugfix: Verify using the !* inscription wasn't working.
Bugfix: The mac binary now includes the NPPAngband icon.
Bugfix: Cursed items were not getting the cursed inscription when wielded.
Bugfix: Monster "wakes up" messages were happening after they make an attack.
Bugfix: Hopefully prevent duplicate quest artifacts from being generated.
Bugfix: Specify the "target closest" command in the cmdlist helpfile.
Bugfix: Fix some issues with some things not being updated (visuals, line of sight, movement paths)
BUgfix: In stores, long inscriptions are sometimes mixed up in the weight and price.

Philip February 16, 2013 18:35

I can't seem to inspect any of my stuff or open any helpfiles. When I try to inspect NPP crashes, and when I try to open a helpfile it tells me it "could not open file help.hlp". Any idea why this could be happening?

Darin February 16, 2013 19:42

When I launch the mac binary it crashes (Intel 10.6.8). If I try to compile from source I get a "no rule to make target 'Makefile.src'" error and it stops. From my reading of the various makefiles it appears that Makefile.src is called from, but I can't find it anywhere in the src archive.

nppangband February 16, 2013 20:19

I clearly messed up something quite badly in creating the final zip files.

The zip files have been replaced. makefile.src was missing, as well as some help files and fonts.

The windows zip file now works. I am confirming the source.

The mac binary works on my macbook, but that's where I compiled it, so that may not mean much. For anyone wanting to compile for mac, I recommend downloading the source from github.

Darin February 16, 2013 20:40

Compiling from the source at github works fine. Thanks for the help!

nppangband February 16, 2013 20:49

Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

Not sure how that got so messed up, but after fixing the zip files I have sucesfully:

1) downoladed and played from the windows zip file.
2) downloaded and played from the osx zip file in my macbook (OSX, version 10.8.2).
3) downloaded the source zip file, compiled and played on winbows.
4) downloaded the source zip file, compiled and played on my macbook (OSX, version 10.8.2)

nppangband February 16, 2013 20:51


Originally Posted by Philip (Post 77334)
I can't seem to inspect any of my stuff or open any helpfiles. When I try to inspect NPP crashes, and when I try to open a helpfile it tells me it "could not open file help.hlp". Any idea why this could be happening?

What version are you playing when you try to inspect? Hopefully the new updated files should work fine, but please let me know.

Sorry about the "false start".

Philip February 16, 2013 21:00

It actually seems to be working OK now, looks like the new files fixed it.

nppangband February 16, 2013 23:17

Good to hear. Thanks,

I updated the source zip file, replacing 2 files needed to compile and play on Linux.

SDL and GCU ports also now compiled & sucessfully tested on Ubuntu using the source code zip file.

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