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dos350 February 20, 2018 20:58

4.1.2 winner, dunadan paladin

randarts dunadan paladin, still playing with selling on.

well this was a good game, my 3rd career win, my previous win was in v 3.3.2 and before that my first when i picked up the game during the time of 3.1.2v2

,,, i had an enjoyable game, past around dlvl 50 i honestly ddnt have too many close calls, one vs the tarasque i wasnt even fighting , scared me to about 50hp of 1000+ , another vs some greater balrogs or etc got me low, but otherwise not too difficult, p and P were easy ,, big P down with about 10 !*healing* and !life,,, my last resist filled was pStun, found on a cloak at dlvl 98 or 99... NO artifact light whatsoever dropped during the entire game~! NONE!

alot has changed since my last win.. new rooms, lava (lol) identify is totally different, (not a fan tbh of rune id, this isnt abuse just maybe make id scroll more common for early lvls or revert to old id tbh) umm wat else changed. no more gender choice ofc~ glad there cos i got heated when they brought in neuter during watever ver that was 3.4 or so ,,,
find treasure and my fav spell find door & trapped also ruined and removed since my last win ,, also since last win, teleport other was nerf'd heavy and lvl feeling i think was the old one back then too? (it was gg)

honestly though , these new rooms, the mushroom room and scroll room? need some armor and weapon room please.

anyway this is a great version really besides my complaints,, o let me add. default perm wall color look too close to my granite on my display,, i had to change its color to see vault walls clearly in later lvls,

my first big find was like 40 cure light wounds which just let me stay alive long enough to be deep and then get ahead, found a ring of speed +10 at somepoint and started getting confident,

i think i killed most elites,, big L survived and big black D but i could hav taken them,,

glad i could finally get another win after all these years

keep up the great work angband team and i hope to add another win to this forum before too long!


Nick February 20, 2018 21:14

Nice win, good to see you still playing :)

Thraalbee February 21, 2018 11:46

Congrats! Nice win and good comments on the changes vs older versions.

dos350 February 21, 2018 13:14

thanks guys, really a joy to share this with the forum since wins are rare for me (see 3 in last 8year) anyway i should add :

i havnt had a game past dlvl 50 since my last win in 3,3,2,... although i havnt played very much , i hav tried atleast a few games in all vers since then, just hadnt got lucky till now~ strict paladin too,,, for next win i hope to try new class for win,,,

in terms of difficulty tbh tho i think this game as dunadan paladin in 4,1,2 was easier than both my previous wins, also i was glad to see a smaller turn count at the end

if any1 has any question for this game please post it here, ill do my best to remember,

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