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saeniel March 24, 2018 14:59

1000 ft. I did it!
But..what should I expect from Morgoth? Could I just steal Silmarils?
Here's my build
My alter-ego is pacifist but if situation requires bloodshed, so may it be so.

P.S. Images are invisible here. I don't know why, so here's straight links to screenshots:

Infinitum March 24, 2018 22:39

You need to make Morgoth drop his crown before you can pry a sil from it, either by hitting him a few times in combat or putting him to sleep whilst stealthing. So you need to obtain either song of lorien or a staff of lorien in the throneroom, put him to sleep without him noticing you and then [k] the crown before he wakes upp and noices you. Enemies won't attack yourpior toyou attacking them or morgoth seeing you, but might crowd you if they notice you beforehand.

saeniel March 24, 2018 23:06

Thank you for extended reply!
Unfortunately, this character is dead. He tried to hit Morgoth, but he was stronger, so I need to rethink my build.
Build was stealthy(it was super easy to descend), but pretty weak.
Next time I'll try to fix it.
Thx again.

Quirk March 24, 2018 23:30

I've a few thoughts here.

Firstly, you wouldn't have been able to use a Staff of Slumber against Morgoth with so low a Will score. With Song of Lorien likewise you really want to get to a very high Song score to feel safe trying to put Morgoth and friends to sleep - on my last successful pacifist run I had 33 Song ( This is higher than is absolutely necessary to get one Sil and run, but I'd probably want at least 20 Song to take on the throneroom.

Secondly, saving the character dump and posting it to the Sil ladder is slightly more useful because it shows us what skills your character currently has.

I'm actually a little surprised you managed to descend so fast with relatively low Stealth, no Sprinting and no Song of Silence. Normally wargs, shadows and Easterling spies pose serious difficulties. You don't have a lot of experience as a result of going down so quickly; and if you're pacifist, I'm not sure why you spent so much of it in Archery. Noldor Feanor is also not a terribly useful choice if you're not going to claim the free Smithing skill. Noldor Finarfin or Sindar Doriath are probably the best pacifist choices.

One of the main reasons to hang around at 900'-950' though is to find a weapon capable of cracking the crown. Typically you want something with sharpness; there's a lot of protection to get through. Cutting the crown tends to make a lot of noise, and without Song of Silence your stealth is liable to fail you.

Hope the next one does better!

saeniel March 25, 2018 00:31

My pacifist is not quite pacifist huh
thank you!
next run will be victorious one (I hope so haha)

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