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PowerWyrm June 2, 2021 13:48

"a bite feeds you for the day"
I was trying to search for a post on my phone this morning, but to be able to do that, I had to answer that question. Supposing this was related to Tolkien, I thought the answer would be elvish waybread. I tried every possible combination (elvish waybread, elven waybread, elvish bread, elven bread... and even simply "bread"), none seemed to work. Now I feel stupid...

What was the answer to that?

pav June 2, 2021 13:53

Try in sindarin

Pete Mack June 2, 2021 16:21

Maybe you're a vampire and the answer is "neck"

Estie June 3, 2021 01:55

PowerWyrm bot confirmed.

Pete Mack June 3, 2021 06:01

Sorry, friend. Do try Sibdarin.

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