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PowerWyrm September 10, 2021 19:25

PWMAngband 1.5.0 released
For those unfamiliar with PWMAngband, it's a multiplayer real-time variant of Angband based on MAngband 1.x with additions from ToME (features from the time it was still called PernAngband, but without the Pern references) and a few personal additions: new races, classes, monsters and items.

This release mainly ports the latest changes from Vanilla 4.2.x and features/fixes from MAngband 1.5.

See for the downloads.

To play on a PWMAngband server or start your own server, download the binaries and unzip the files (client and server are both in the same zip file now). And enjoy!

PowerWyrm September 10, 2021 19:26

Here's the complete changelist since 1.4.0 (warning -- that's a lot to read!):

User interface

Angband 4.2.x:

- Added commands to birth option screen to save and restore custom birth options
- Allow fuel to be drawn from the quiver
- Display average damage for devices, spells, and activations
- Allow CMD_WIELD to select from the quiver
- Take into account sidebar/topbar in double-height tile rendering
- Improve quiver inscriptions
- Add a lore-color-immune entry for monster's poison breaths, bolts, and balls
- Remove option to display help from the options screen
- Change monster.txt's comments for specific drops
- Add power to remove curse effect description
- Allow ignore while looking

MAngband 1.5.x:

- Add possibility to macro by (identified) item names
- Add version number to "incompatible client version" error message
- Enter and leave query-item-by-name mode via quote symbol
- Add possibility to macro by spell names
- Macro Action Generator (3 new options to keymap screen)
- Change the way topline message is displayed
- Add "wrap_messages" option to word-wrap long messages in sub-windows
- New option: Compare equipment when examining items
- Add Ctrl+E toggle_inven_equip command from V
- Add some shared monster messages
- Hitpoint warning toggle hotkey
- Use font-tng.prf instead of font-sdl.prf for "tg" fonts
- Change visual mapping for PvP arena wall


- Dungeon Master menu: allow generating true artifact directly by name
- Add client option to disable running when in line of sight of a nonmovable
- Give a warning when entering a gauntlet level
- Add "monster feeling always, no object feeling" choice to LEVEL_FEELINGS
server option
- Sort killed list (for polymorphing) from highest to lowest level
- Display forms that are 50%/75% learnt in orange/yellow on the killed list
- Buying house command moved to 'H' (original keyset) and '£' (roguelike keyset)
- Implement the '/house' chat command to purchase a house
- Allow '~xxx' inscription along 'for sale xxx' to price items in player shops
- Bring back '%' command as "Interact with keymaps" and implement the '/time'
chat command to display current time
- SDL client: allow fonts to be loaded from "xxx.FON" files and raise the
maximum number of fonts to 60
- Simplify food description
- Simplify Dragon's Breath description
- SDL client: implement support for OGG files
- Add dungeon max level info to the visited dungeon list
- Remove redundant "Attempting to uncurse it may destroy it." message when
inspecting a "fragile" object
- Remove disturb_faint option
- Allow more smileys in chat messages
- Reverse order of "you are wielding" and "you were wielding" messages when
swapping items
- Split MAngband options submenu into MAngband options and Advanced options
- Add option to confirm recall when recalling out of non-reentrable dungeon
- Add /know, /party, /who, /abi and /gold chat commands as shortcuts for
"Check knowledge", "Access party menu", "Display connected players",
"View abilities" and "Drop gold" commands
- Add messages to explain why Raise Dead could fail
- Add option to remove borders in the SDL client
- Display sector info the MAngband way and fix crash when using 16x16 tile size
- Sort flags by level of application on character birth screen
- Add TTF font support
- Add sound volume management, implement it for the SDL client
- Display expected number of blows per round at character birth (point-based
- Display %fail of first spell at character birth (point-based roller)
- Support color for windows border and status bar (SDL client)
- Change manual selection of server from ctrl-m to ctrl-s
- Force pressing SPACE key to enter the game after the MotD is displayed
- Implement a simple music system
- Add message when changing hitpoint warning settings via =h

Gameplay changes

Angband 4.2.x:

- Allow inscribed throwing weapons to be quivered
- Blackguard tweaks
- Nerf to all powerful modifiers
- Disentangle IMPAIR_HP and COMBAT_REGEN
- Allow more variation for pillar or ragged edge rooms
- Make decoys only work when in monster's LoS
- Modify tunneling to account for rooms with few entrances
- Improvements to necromancer spells
- Allow targeting the closest to pick up a target outside the current panel
- Improve ranger spells, update number of extra shots for archers accordingly
- Adjust lighting model to better account for light sources that aren't
the player or SQUARE_GLOW
- Implement new device failure calculation
- Allow the equipped weapon (if it isn't stickily cursed) to be thrown
- Avoid randart activations that duplicate or conflict with other artifact

MAngband 1.5.x:

- Change rules for stealth/noise checks
- Do not speed up time with monsters in LoS
- Allow filling empty bottles from water tiles
- Make hostile visible players prevent running
- Disable banishment in dwarven halls
- Add Acenoid's vaults
- Change House Foundation allocation/rarity
- Do not disturb after being hit by a non-threatening projected spell
- Allow players to drop vegetables on FEAT_CROP terrain to restrict it to that
vegetable only
- Allow players to burn crops to turn them back to random FEAT_CROP terrain
- Refactor crop growth functions to allow spontaneous growth on allocated
wilderness levels
- Fix starvation auto-kick
- Apply "worthless" to enchanted items with store (or mixed) origins only


- Make Dungeon Master trap immune
- Prevent level 0 monster races from being used as shapechanger forms
- Allow BASH_DOOR forms to open/close house doors and bash down other doors
- Only allow rings of polymorphing to be generated in the dungeon
- Make rings of polymorphing more powerful but much rarer
- Decrease the kill requirement with perfect affinity from 1/2 to 1/4
- Give +moves instead of +speed to shapechangers under level 20
- Add option to avoid getting disturbed when effects end
- Add possible direction choice for scrolls and staves
- Allow all alter/teleport effects to be used on items
- Reduce chance of getting ESP_XXX when adding SLAY_XXX on a randart
- Nerf Black Rings of Power
- Rename "moves" to "movement speed" and make the modifier act like speed for
- Change no teleportation on gauntlet levels to limited teleportation
(10 squares)
- Increase +mana modifier on mage staves, cap mana bonus at +10
- Move Plasma Blast to book 4 and Disruption Shield to book 5
- New dungeon: Fallen Gondolin (boss: Maeglin, the Traitor of Gondolin)
- Add max level on race/class brands and slays
- Allow any other value than 0 and 1 for the LIGHT_LEVEL effect to just
lighten up and magic map the level without revealing objects
- Add LIMITED_TELE object flag
- Give mage staves regeneration and elven staves see invisible
- Remove NO_STORES server option
- Rename NO_SELLING server option to LIMITED_STORES, use an integer value
to handle disabling selling completely and restricting the use of stores/home
- Add life leech brand to forms with EXP_XXX melee blow effects
- More useful summons
- Allow create traps on more floors
- Allow create stairs on more floors
- Allow fire/plasma breaths to create lava on more floors
- Implement CAN_SWIM player flag, add it to the Ent race
- Add FAST_SPAWN dungeon flag, double monster respawn rate if set
- Set FAST_SPAWN flag to the Training Cave
- Add level of application for player flags
- Remove AGGRAVATE from Hydra race
- Allow starting "gifts" depending on chosen race
- Prevent creating doors outside of dungeons
- Don't reposition the player on NO_STAIRS terrain when logging back in dungeons

Bugs fixed

Angband 4.2.x:

- Adjust size of gauntlet levels
- Stop SMASH_WALL removing floor features
- Stop quest artifacts being stealable
- Ensure grids on the target path are hit by projections in project()
- Make SMASH_WALL destroy decoys
- Notice changes to the weight limit in update_bonuses()
- Plug small memory leak in main-sdl.c's load_prefs()
- Add resistances to elements monsters breathe
- Fix being able to buy back an infinite amount of non-staple items sold in the
General Store
- Avoid the "can move again" monster message if monster is about to die
- Set ego minima correctly
- Fix message when decrementing from a stack when there are multiple similar
stacks (i.e. phase door scrolls or cure wounds potions)
- Change handling of projections with unrevealed mimics
- Change lighting of walls on surface

MAngband 1.5.x:

- Handle topline ickyness when confirming suicide
- Open correct directory when selecting fonts
- Stop allocating too much font resources
- Make sure player-player visibility is refreshed when changing level
- Fix message truncation in windows client
- Pluralize message when trying to aim an empty stack of wands/use an empty
stack of staves


- Fix crash when quitting GCU client in debug mode
- Fix lag bar under Linux
- Fix crash when calling make_gold() with NULL player parameter
- Forget memory of the old level when a player that saved during day connects
back during night (or vice versa)
- Respawn NO_DEATH monsters every dawn if they somehow disappeared
- Fix crash in floor_carry() when player pointer is not defined
- Fix description of potions of surprise and mushrooms of shadows
- Fix description of scraps of flesh
- Add descriptions for (almost) all summons in summon.txt
- Fix and simplify summon description (remove hardcoded reference to 1d3)
- Fix enchant scrolls description
- Fix crash in process_monsters when mon->closest_player is dead
- Fix weight decrease when wielding from a stack of inventory items
- Fix Linux code not saving savefiles
- Fix damaging terrain aborting running for players immune to damage
- Fix aquatic forms able to run outside of water
- Fix aquatic forms not suffocating outside of water
- Fix aquatic forms drowning in water
- Fix LEVITATE form not giving FEATHER flag
- Fix FRIGHTENED form not giving AFRAID flag
- Prevent out of bounds asserts when players change level
- Plug resource leaks of missing file_close() calls
- Fix monster list subwindow not reacting to subwindow horizontal resizing
- Learn curses properly when applied directly to worn items
- Learn runes of carried weapons properly for races and classes that cannot use
- Fix keymaps using '{' symbol
- Fix "base" kind flags not added to "kind" kind flags in the case of books
- Fix objects generated on customized floors
- Fix vulnerabilities not shown on birth screen
- Fix crash when calculating tax price for house expansion
- Fix "Place feature" command only allowing to place staircases
- Fix compatibility with Angband ladder dumps
- Fix knowledge menus under Linux
- Fix crash when trying to write a parsing error message to server log during
setup phase
- Fix disable_enter option
- Don't send a "clear" packet when pressing SPACE during setup phase
- Changing font size on Windows doesn't refresh terms properly
- Initialize the RNG on the client
- Increase MAX_TITLES to 60 to avoid getting empty scroll names
- Fix "implicit declaration of function" warnings under Linux
- Only apply non-ASCII terrain redefinitions from font-gcu.prf if using the
Windows console
- Allow resizing the GCU client on Windows without a crash
- Make object_flag_is_known() return true if object is fully known
- Fix crash when a monster breathes chaos on another monster
- Attach WASSEEN flag to player instead of being global to the cave
- Fix Wipe spell not removing artifacts
- Fix crash when forgetting spells
- Fix visible equipment slots when using the 'e' command

Coding changes

Angband 4.2.x:

- Make dungeon profile selection less error-prone
- Added a debugging command to dump the current level as an HTML file
- Slightly tightened shape change logic
- Account for throwing weapons in the quiver within pack_slots_used() and
- Modify compare_items() so the result is zero when both items are unknown
- Optimize obj_kind_can_browse()
- Correct some miscellaneous comments
- Improvements to effect info
- Allow item in starting kit to be excluded by a logical or of one or more birth
options (or negated birth options)
- Change logic in join_region() and gauntlet_gen() to avoid disconnected
gauntlet levels
- Require at least two rooms in moria_chunk()
- Use square_islit() rather than square_isglow() for the initial determination
of whether the player's location is seen
- Adjust some logic for hard centre levels
- Change drawing of outer walls about circular rooms
- Split building template rooms into two passes
- For pillared rooms, cut off the corners when not adjacent to a floor
- Check input values for slot_by_name() and slot_object()
- Update comments for count_feats() to match current code
- Treat '#' similarly for vaults and room templates
- Add an argument to draw_rectangle() to indicate whether it should overwrite
permanent features
- Have inven_carry_num() return obj->number for any valid treasure type
- Remove uses of atexit()
- Allow configuration of SDL sound module without configuring the corresponding
front end
- In vaults, automatically mark inner permanent walls with SQUARE_WALL_INNER
- Clarify/update comments related to dungeon generation
- Avoid more compiler warnings
- Incorporate stunning into TAP_DEVICE effect handler
- Unset target after TELEPORT_TO
- Replace hard-coded depth check for caverns with min-level entry
- Introduce effects SET_VALUE and CLEAR_VALUE to align times for multiple timed
- Reduce usage of standard string functions strcmp() and sprintf()
- Always initialize second argument passed to scatter()
- Refactor hit chance calculation
- Update visuals after successfully tunneling
- For town generation, also clear room flag on the walls
- Remove redundant item testers
- Refactor cave and monster generation

MAngband 1.5.x:

- Improve comments for do_cmd_store
- Collapse "mangclient_xxx.ini" into "mangclient.ini" (sdl + gcu)
- Add "instance_closed" option
- Fix some really obvious warnings
- Dump each item/monster/vault allocation to #cheat channel in debug mode
- Ensure old players are not placed into newly created parties with colliding
party ids
- Write artifact ownership to server savefile
- Rename "obj_aware" into "kind_aware" and "obj_tried" into "kind_tried"
- Add 'conf_done' destructor
- Add more hacks to vstrnfmt
- Stop resending whole equipment/inventory when a single item is affected
- Add most of the missing bell() calls
- Fix ESC key not clearing the queue
- Add error condition check to file_putf
- Don't use handle_stuff() in adjust_level()
- Fix "%ull" format (vstrnfmt)


- Change default FPS from 1 to 50
- KEYMAP_ACTION_MAX increased from 20 to 35
- Move message truncation from server to client
- Add paranoia check to avoid walking out of bounds
- Add pre-processing to chat messages to look for '/' commands
- Ensure that Dragon and Hydra characters have the proper race when logging
- Added simplified and alternate versions of "monster" directive in font-xxx.prf
files to specify default attribute (monster-char) or attribute by symbol
- Add constants for depth where labyrinths start to be generated
unlit/unknown/with hard walls
- Re-enable signal handling on Linux
- Add dungeon profile to struct chunk
- Remove ladder info from character dumps
- Add paranoia check in Receive_text_screen()
- Refactor effect_info() to take into consideration various hacks
- Prevent auto-retaliator after clear request
- Send and check limits for race/class structure fields
- Un-hardcode Hydra form progression
- Add player "real" name at the end of server dumps
- Add WASCLOSE and WASLIT flags to fix a lighting bug
- Disable keymaps during setup phase


- USE_NCURSES define
- Compiling with Embarcadero C++ 7.20
- Update docs for option customization
- Remove Necklace of the Eye support
- Fix some typos in documentation
- Add some descriptions for the front-end specific details
- Update comments in object.txt and object_base.txt
- Update class.txt comments
- Update comments for room templates' rating and type
- Update .gitignore
- Update version.rst with bits of MAngband history
- Fill out comments describing curse.txt
- Update help
- Add provision for new races and classes to user.prf
- Remove references to Orb of Draining destroying cursed items

PowerWyrm September 20, 2021 19:48

New PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 2 released!

- Split player information into two lines in do_cmd_check_players()
- Attach "light" parameter and WASSLIT flag to player instead of being global to the cave
- Prevent NO_DEATH monsters from being moved at all
- Fix crash in post_turn_game_loop() when refreshing the view of a dead player
- Always generate FEAT_DIRT when digging a wall
- No auto-retaliating after a clear request is temporary disabled (until first_escape system is reworked)

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:

PowerWyrm September 24, 2021 19:05

New PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 3 released!

- Rework whole first_escape system so it properly works as intended
- Stop fire-till-kill when monster is actually killed

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:

PowerWyrm October 7, 2021 19:15

New PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 4 released!

- Fix fire-till-kill freezing client if base delay factor is too high by disabling spell/shooting animations while fire-till-kill is ongoing
- Fix ICY_AURA effect
- Make blast damage constant
- Bring back missing unique kill chat messages
- Fix keymap by spell/casting by spell name when not all books in inventory have learned spells
- Add missing LEVITATE flag to ancient dragons
- Fix disturbance preventing any form of casting or shooting

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:

PowerWyrm October 11, 2021 18:54

New PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 5 released!

- Fix death vortex melee dice
- Fix get_item_by_name()

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:

PowerWyrm October 29, 2021 20:58

New PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 6 released!

- Don't make poison out of poison in CREATE_POISON effect
- Add number of turns remaining when checking current quest
- Fix crash when combining pack after buying eight stacks of 40 missiles
- Fix "you have xxx" number of owned similar items limited to 256 when buying from a store
- Rewrite update_ticks() in a much simpler way to make it work under both Windows and Linux
- Simplify controlled summons movement code: attack any visible hostile monster, if none attack any visible hostile player, if none follow the master
- Allow wands of heal monster to heal controlled summons
- Update setup.bat

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:

PowerWyrm November 10, 2021 19:14

New PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 7 released!

- Items with ignore_protect flag cannot be ignored anymore, just destroyed
- Don't "notice" players that have left the level
- Refresh client after ignoring an item from inventory or floor
- Add pack reordering notice when aborting item selection for unidentified effects requiring an item
- Revert making EF_IDENTIFY items aware before executing the effect

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:

PowerWyrm November 19, 2021 19:15

New PWMAngband 1.5.0 build 8 released!

- Fix controlled monsters attacking each other when there is no room to move
- Allow STAR effect to display all animations but with 1/4 of the delay factor

Binaries are available for download at the usual location:
Source code is available on Git:

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