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Chulta December 11, 2008 16:35

I am new to the Boards, and have a few questions about the versions of Angband from 2.8 up to current...

1) What is the easiest version to finish the game with?

2) What version have you had the most fun with?

3) What version would you consider the most stable?

4) Overall what version do you consider to be the BEST?

Bandobras December 11, 2008 18:01

Are you a Troll or a Half-Troll? :D

Personally, I prefer the latest version (SVN) in all respects.

Let the flames of Udun flow...

Narvius December 11, 2008 19:49

I won't play Angband until 3.0.10 comes out, so, well, you could say I agree with Bandobras.

rdermyer December 30, 2008 23:19


Originally Posted by Chulta (Post 12114)
3) What version would you consider the most stable?

4) Overall what version do you consider to be the BEST?

I don't mean to be snide, but isn't that why they make new versions?

Chulta January 8, 2009 19:12

Through intention I would say an attempt is made to make each release more stable than the last. In practice that is not always the case... Looking back throughthe history of Angband "Gold Releases" some are less stable than previous "Gold Releases"

I am just looking for folks general impressions here. Personally I want to play the easiest game possible to get to the end and defeat Morgoth. Less challenging is more fun for me...

will_asher January 15, 2009 06:46

I am in the process of doing several things to make DaJAngband easier while not less fun (for me anyway), but the current version that's out I don't think is much (if any) easier than vanilla. You'll probably want to try the next version when I get it out.

oh wait, you're talking about versions of vanilla not variants.. I have tended to like each one better than the last, but in terms of difficultly I don't think they're much different from each other.

Psi January 15, 2009 08:35

The easiest end game that I'm aware of is probably an HE mage with GoI - I know that was still possible in 2.9.2.

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