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PaulBlay February 22, 2009 21:09

TortoiseSVN - doing diffs and making patches
OK I've got
a) A clean up to date copy of the AngbandSVN
b) A messed about copy of the Angband source code

What I'd like to do is check what differences there are, in which files and then (after tidying up) produce patch file(s). I've got a 'new feature' working and I'd like to show it off :D
(even if the implementation of same probably stinks :rolleyes:)

[EDIT]OK, I think the 'diff' bit is under control. Still haven't got to creating patch files yet.
[EDIT*2]Nevermind I think I'm sorted out now (although it was a bit more fiddly than I'd hoped for).

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