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bughunter March 20, 2021 21:09

Level exploring strategies w/o mapping?
In the early game, most @ don't have the luxury of an endless supply of ?Magic Mapping or suchlike. How do you play?

Starting spellbooks give access to "Find Traps, Doors, and Stairs" and "Detect Evil" or "Detect Monsters" that give pure or hybrid spellcasters some clues as to the level layout.

If the level's treasure feeling is low, I'll just head for the nearest >. These are pretty trivial cases.

But if it's high, I've long stuck to the old dungeoneer's "Right Hand Rule" - Follow the right hand wall, and take the first unexplored door or corridor on the right.

It never seemed efficient, though, resulting in a lot of loops and leaving branches I needed to backtrack and explore.

Lately, though, I've been trying a new tactic: explore the paths that map out the perimeter of the level first. It seems to be somewhat more efficient, avoids many looping exploration routes, and leaves the last unmapped areas towards the middle of the level, which are usually more connected.

Other tactics:
  • When encountering a room, I'll light it or explore the perimeter, and continue with the first unexplored exit that fits the algorithm.
  • I'll make exceptions to the RH or Perimeter rule to map out obvious short corridors connecting to already explored sections to make sure I didn't miss that ! or ? bumping up the feeling.
  • If @ has a "detect" ability, I'll first choose to eliminate any awakened threats, like f's or Z's or to avoid OOD uniques and pits of caffeinated kobold shaman.
  • If @ has a means to detect treasure, that usually directs my exploration if I haven't decided to just find the nearest >.

Any other strategies or tactics you find helpful?

(I've been playing a lot of early game lately lol)

Pete Mack March 20, 2021 23:20

Without any detection at all, I explore as vertically as possible from one side to the other. Since stairs are tucked away, you need to be systematic.

Selkie March 21, 2021 07:49

Nothing like a double shot of caffeinated kobold shaman to start the day.

I've often wondered the best way to explore the dungeon blind. I'm totally erratic and bounce around a level like a pinball. I've found no consistent method for discovering stair location.

Pete Mack March 21, 2021 11:06

So long as you are thorough in each section, that's fine. But I really hate exploring the whole level, then realizing there's a little tag of hallway i missed all the way back on the other side

Sky March 21, 2021 13:44

i try to get to the bottom edge. Any edge really, but i generally start from the bottom.

Looking for stairs is rarely an issue for me. I first want the LF to pop out, so that takes a bit of exploring.

tangar March 21, 2021 15:25

in Tangaria all mapping are heavely restricted:
1) reduced radius
2) when you cast any spell (or scroll) to map - you hallucinate for some time.
so you use Magic Mapping only in crucial places where you _need_ to know exact layout.. also add to it disconnected stairs :)

I prefer to explore from corner all way round level; and a the end I look in the middle. It gives good chances to teleport away from danger.

bughunter March 21, 2021 18:00


Originally Posted by tangar (Post 152034)
I prefer to explore from corner all way round level; and a the end I look in the middle. It gives good chances to teleport away from danger.

That's a good strategy, I notice Teleport and Teleport Other tend to put the target at the far end of the dungeon (speculatively, I suspect statistical bunching due to the average random distance being on the order of the dungeon width, or larger). Not always, but frequently enough to be noticeable.

So, if you stay at the edges, you'll get more separation between you and the baddie out of -TO or _Tele, and more time to recover or reach the stairs.

Adding that one to the list.

Grotug March 22, 2021 11:22

I have no system of exploring and am pretty bad at it generally:

Ingwe Ingweron March 23, 2021 17:36

Find the downstairs, get a Treasure level feeling, descend. :D

Selkie March 23, 2021 20:19


Originally Posted by Grotug (Post 152071)
I have no system of exploring and am pretty bad at it generally:

Your videos are so funny. I was feeling your pain in the Pacman level, the very last square!

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